Best Hair Straighteners: 11+ best hair straighteners in India 2021


Today I’m going to show you the best hair straighteners in India 2020. We have analysed different products comprehensively and listed products which do not cause any damage to your hair. Even I suggested to my friends and they have healthy and gorgeous hairs now.

As stated by Wikipedia Hair straightening is a hair styling technique involving the flattening and straightening of hair to give it a smooth, streamlined, and sleek appearance.

Hair straighteners normally used to straighten the hairs, or if you have curly hairs then this will be very great for you. Besides, hair straighteners have multiple uses like in a saloon it is used after keratin.


Generally, people were not able to choose hair straighteners according to their hair’s quality, Thickness, etc. which will cause damage to the hairs. So, this article will help you to choose the best hair straighteners in India 2020.

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Best hair Straighteners

Best hair straightenersPlate MaterialWarranty 
Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control philips Hair StraightenerKeratin infused ceramic plates2 years
Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare ST780 Hair Straightener.Ceramic plates2 years
Havells HS4152 Titanium Plates Hair StraightenerTitanium coated plates2 years
Vega VHSH-22 Titanium Best Hair StraightenersTitanium plates2 years
Havells HS4101 Hair straightener for curly hairsCeramic plates2 years
Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Hair StraightenerKeratin infused ceramic plates2 years
Philips HP8302 Best Hair StraightenerCeramic plates2 years
VEGA VHSCC-01 3-in-1 Hair StraightenerCeramic plates2 years
Nova NHS 860Temperature Control Hair StraightnerCeramic plates2 years
Remington S9100 Proluxe Hair StraightenersCeramic plates2 years
Syska Superglam HS6810 Hair StraightenerCeramic plates2 years
VEGA VHSH-16 Trendy Hair StraightenerCeramic plates2 years

1. Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control philips Hair Straightener

Firstly, we listed Phillips Hp8318/00 Phillips is a multinational Korean company, which is famous for its innovative products, Also it has a great market in India. So, you can easily trust and buy without any issue. 

So, if you have dry and rough hairs and not able to make it soft, straight. Then it’s Ionic Conditioning Formula will beneficial for you to deal with that problem.

Phillips Hp8318/00 were providing variable temperature control feature where you can adjust the temperature as per your hair required.

Lets, talk more on features.

The product was a time saver as it just takes 60 seconds to heat up to 210 degrees. This optimal temperature enables you to change the shape of your hair and gives you that gorgeous look as you want.

Phillips comes with wide and Keratin-Infused Ceramic Plates over the plates and coatings on standard straighteners.

For easy usage, the device comes with a long and flexible power cord, so no worries if you want to sit back and work with your hair.

You can take care of your hair with ionic conditioning. Charged negative ions eliminate static and frizzy hair. It smoothens the hair cuticles to intensify the hair’s shine and gloss.

What does make hair straightener good?

A smooth gliding through your hair will make a hair straightener good.

On this principle, Philips was providing silk pro care for smooth gliding through your hair with optimized temperature. this feature will minimize friction through hair.

As a result, This will make the hair smooth.

The plates don’t grip your hair if you do not have rough and dry hairs it is my recommendation that if you have a bit soft or glossy hair the don’t go for this product maybe it disappoints you. 

Identically, Phillips was providing 1.8m long flexible cord so that it can be easy to style where ever you want.


Key Features

  • Keratin-Infused Ceramic Plates and wide plates for more smooth hair and safe usage.
  • Ionic care makes your hair shinier and fizzy.
  • Variable temperature control.
  • 60 seconds instant heat up.
  • Less Heat Exposure with SilkPro Care means little heat damage to hair.

  • Ionic care for more fizzy hairs.

  • Gets heat up really quick.

  • Long and flexible cord.

  • Has a protective measure like silk pro.

  • 2 years of warranty.

  • Heat control is’nt balanced

2. Braun Satin Hair 7 SensoCare ST780 Hair Straightener.

The Braun has world’s 1st SensoCare technology which will provide professional usage and results.

This has a unique personalized heat adaptation, where Precision sensors under the surface of the ceramic plates read the moisture level of hair to adjust the temperature by itself. as results occur more precious.

While it distributes pressure evenly whilst minimising tension and stress on the hair to prevent damage with its floating plate. for smooth gliding, Braun has 100% ceramic plate.

Let’s talk about the detailed features.

The product is fine that it has a temperature regulator, it also features an intelligent display by which you can style in your own way. It will provide a display on the hair’s moisture level and speed in every stroke for optimal styling.

Unlike, Phillips Braun satin can be used for a different type of hairs for curly hairs, dry hairs and every type of hairs. also, the curl shaper can be a superior feature for girls that allow curves and waves perfectly. 

Its maximum heat protection for every strand will provide smooth healthy-looking and long-lasting glossy hairs.

Additionally, you can also feature details about your hairs such as length and thickness, to fine-tune the device’s automatic temperature adjustment even further. 

It also acts as curl shaper due to its curved edge, where you can curve and make waves like salon at your home. The cool tip will add a smooth slide and safety.

The product heats up quickly for more user experience, Identically, Braun was providing 1.8m long flexible cord so that it can be easy to style where ever you want.

Overall, This product will be grateful for one who regularly uses straightener due to its automatic temperature adaptation this will prevent the hair damage. It protects your hair and offers ultimate styling freedom. The product will be best hair straightener for thick hairs.


Key Features

  • Senso care technology for professional usage.
  • Temperature regulator for temperature adjustment.
  • Maximum Heat Protection
  • Curl Shaper
  • Floating Plate

  • Automatic temprature adjustment

  • Long and flexible cord.

  • Floating plate

  • Has a protective measure like silk pro.

  • Built-in sensor to read hair type and adapt ideal temperature.

  • Heat protection

  • No warranty

  • Little bit expensive

3. Havells HS4152 Titanium Plates Hair Straightener

Havells is the fast-moving electrical company and a major power distribution equipment manufacturer with a strong global presence. 

The Havells HS4152 comes with titanium coated plates, It distributes the heat everywhere and protects the hair from overheating. And prevents from hair breaking.

Floating plates adjust the hair strands to prevent hair breakage and overheating when plate reach a very high level of heat.

Let’s talk about the detailed features.

The product also comes with 6 various temperature settings from 155°C to 230°C with a max flexible range of styling. To prevent any accident it comes with auto-off, the straightener automatically shuts off after 60 min and save energy.

This device has a Quick heating feature it fastly heats up and consumes your time.

To handling the product more safely while storing and travelling, Plate locking system has given. Slide the lock button on the upward direction the plates were locked.

The titanium plate helps you to get a perfect frizz-free shiny hair and smoothly glide through your hair, Havells provides 1.8m rubberized flexible power cord that can be easily moved around to your room.

Your styling session is now easier by pressing the power buttons ‘+’ and ‘-‘ you can easily control the temperature can be increased or decreased and once the off bottom to switch off your device.


Key Features

  • 6 temperature settings
  • 2 years of guarantee
  • Floating plates prevents hair breakage
  • Heats up quickly for easy use
  • 25×100 mm Titanium Coated Floating Plates
  • Control buttons for easy usage 

  • 6 temprature settings

  • sturdy design made to last

  • Quick heating

  • Auto-off for safety

  • Diverse temprature

  • 2 years of warranty

  • Body sometimes heats up 

4. Vega VHSH-22 Titanium Best Hair Straighteners

Vega VHSH-22 will give you silky smooth hair with high shine. This hair straightener contains titanium plates for an ultra-smooth glide through the hair so that it won’t hang and also distribute heat equally.


The outer body of the straightener is not much effective it starts heating up if you use for more then 60 mins. 

Its adjustable temperature setting will allow you to maintain the temperature between 150°C to 230°C since you can use as per your need. The titanium plates will reduce the chance to damage and add protection. 

Vega was providing an extra safety feature of power indicator light where the indicator lights up when switched on.

This appliance can be used in most of the countries as it is compatible to consume power with 110-240V. (110-240V, 50/60Hz, 45W.)

The hair straightener heats up in less than 60 seconds, just like all the other hair straighteners we’ve selected in our list of the best hair straighteners in India. The lock system will put them to prevent the damage.

Also, the digital display will show you how much temperature you were using. you can set the exact temperature you select, gives you better control and precise setting.

360°C Swivel Chord for accessing all the edges. But, the problem is that the chord can be more longer at the price. 

Overall, It’s a good product look wise, light-weighted product, compact, does heat up fast. there are some problems also but not very major.


Key Features

  • Titanium plates
  • Adjustable temprature settings
  • Digital temprature display
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Power indicator light
  • Easy lock system
  • Titanium Plates

  • sturdy design made to last

  • Quick heating

  • Safety features

  • provides smooth hair

  • power indicator light

  • no warranty were mentioned

  • not good for curly hairs

5. Havells HS4101 Hair straightener for curly hairs

This is another product from Havells. The main motive for listing this one is that it provides the sleeky design for the best curl to hair better than the others. Also, the price is lower than the others.

Here, are some samples below.


its ceramic coated plates slide through the hair slightly and give straightening from root to tip in a beautiful way. On the other hand, you can twist Curve edges to make curly shiny wavy hairs perfectly.

The ceramic plates will help you to eliminate frizz and keep hair shiny. It is suitable for everyday usage. The floating plates adjust to the thickness of hair and relatively avoids pressure on hair while straightening to prevent the hair damage.

Like other straighteners we have listed, this straightener also has a quick heating up system where the machine takes only 60 seconds to reach maximum temprature.

The in-built temperature that the straightener can attain is 210°C which is an ideal temperature for styling. Hence, get ready to step out for that big moment.

For an end to end usage, you’ll get 360 degree rotating cord.

Overall, the product has the basic features to make your hair shinier and curly. But there are not that much safety measures you’ll get. Since it is very less priced we’ll not take it as a con.  


Key Features

  • Ceramic coated plates
  • Plates lock system
  • Power button 
  • Instant heat technology
  • Optimal styling temprature
  • 360-degree moving cord.
  • Heats up quickly

  • Sleek design (good for curls as well)

  • Quick heating

  • 360 rotating long cord

  • straightens hair perfectly

  • no temperature cut off so u have to switch it off when u feel its too hot

  • no temperature control..heats up on auto temperature

6. Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Hair Straightener

This one is another product coming from the Phillips we have listed. This model has lots of basic similarities, except lack of temperature control. It’s unique features set it out from the others. 

Phillips BHS673/00 has the unique feature of SplitStop Technology which is the combination of the UniTemp sensor and smooth ceramic plates to maintain the quality of the hair. 

Let’s talk in more detail.

The product is made with the Keratin-Infused Ceramic Plates like it’s other counterparts. But unlike them, it offers a broader range of temperatures. Therefore, ceramic plates will provide optimal shine and ultrasmooth gliding.


The intelligent heat control will make hair straightening easier by adjusting automatically according to the requirement of the hair.

Yes, this straightener looks costly than of it’s kind but it is totally worth your money. Temperature control is just awesome.

The only thing we found that could have been better is the pin. It is having a normal two pin which is very light. There is a scope of improvement there. Rest all is cool.

Here is the amazing feature

Basically, hair straightener we listed above takes 60 seconds to heat up, but this one takes only 30 seconds. It has 7 temperature settings ranging from 160*C -230*C catering to all hair types (fine, normal and thick).

Key Features

  • Splitstop technology to prevent split ends.
  • Keratin-infused ceramic plates for ultra-smooth gliding.
  • Takes 30 seconds to heat up.
  • 2 years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase
  • Auto shut off and extra long plates.
  • Heats up quickly

  • SplitStop technology

  • Equipped with long smooth plates

  • Auto adjust temprature

  • 2 years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase

  • Won’t that much effective for long and damaged hairs.

7. Philips HP8302 Best Hair Straightener

Philips is a brand who have made trust in the market you can also expect it to be budget-friendly. The next product we have listed was from the Philips called selfie straightener

Like Philips Hp8318/00 this model also has SilkPro care formula which ensures straightening with less heat exposure and friction, This function will help you to reach silky salon-like hair.

The Ceramic plates help to provide smooth-gliding, also evenly distributes the heat all over and holds the heat for a longer time. If you have damaged hairs, then I will recommend you to buy Philips HP8302. 

Philips HP8302 heats up instantly like the other straighteners in just 60 seconds up to an ideal 210 degrees C. This temperature is enough so that you can not go over and over.

The straightener is very affordable with very nice effect staying power 3-4 hours. it’s 1.6m swivel cord with which user can use with more flexibility.


When you work while a swivel cord lets you rotate the thing as you move with the straightener while straightening. Besides, This straightener is ready to use anywhere in the world and is compatible with 110-240 voltage.

Note: Plates are very thin. It’s good for less volume hair. Don’t go for it if u have heavy and thick hair.

Overall, the straightener is affordable and easy to use, if you are using for the very first time then you’d like it. If you have damaged hairs then I’ll highly recommend you to purchase this one. 


Key Features

  • Silkpro Care for less heat exposure.
  • Hair straightener fast heat up in 60 seconds
  • Ceramic plates for smooth gliding
  • 2 years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase
  • 210 degree C styling.
  • Heats up quickly

  • Silk pro care technology

  • Equipped with ceramic

  • Tin plates can be used as a curler

  • 2 years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase

  • Won’t that much effective for long and damaged hairs.

  • Takes more time to straighten long and thick hair.

8. VEGA VHSCC-01 3-in-1 Hair Straightener

VEGA was a brand who makes several of the beauty. Therefore, the company focus on its beauty products very well with their perfect formula.

We have listed this product because of its uniqueness. lets you pick not just one look, not two looks but three. 

It means you can make a new hairstyle every day.

Let’s look at the features.

First, the plates are ceramic coated that allows heat distribution and smooth gliding towards the hair. Second, for more stunning crimps, it has crimper plates that have 5 ridges for the beautiful crimps. 

Third, hair curler comes with 32 mm barrel diameter that can make your hair bouncy, curly and eye-catching.

There is a knob that helps to switch between the different blades or plates as per the requirement. 


This knob has a design flaw. Since this knob is not smooth to operate, the locking and unlocking take time and effort. so, this one is a little disappointing. 

It has styling switch which can switch to different hairstyling by just pressing the styling switch. like others VEGA VHSCC-01 360-degree swivel cord conveniently and prevents unnecessary tangles.

Overall, if you are purchasing a hair straightener for the first time then I will not recommend this one. maybe it can be difficult to use.


Key Features

  • Ceramic coated plates
  • Hair curler
  • Stunning crimps
  • Styling Switch – One switch for all style
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • Stunning crimps

  • Ceramic coating for safe usage

  • 3 in 1 hair styler 

  • Easy lock system, 360° Swivel cord with 2 m cord

  • Ease of movement.

  • 2 years warranty from the date of purchase

  • 3 plates work at one which can make it difficult to use.

  • No way to change temperature.

  • Do not shut down automatically

9. Nova NHS 860Temperature Control Hair Straightner

Nova is known for their best hair straighteners, If you are purchasing the straightener first time, go for nova hair straighteners it is totally value for money product.

This product comes with ceramic coating, which helps to handle several hair strands at a time, without sticking to your hairs and allows even distribution of heat and protects hair from heat damage.


This device has a quick heating feature, it heats up only in 30 seconds and saves your time. The digital control helps to shut off the device at the right time when the plates are heated.

The long swivel cord with good flexibility ensure to move in all directions gives comfort and ease while using.

Now, you can lock the product because it comes with the easy lock system, which provides you with convenient storage and allows to close the plates together.

LED indicator indicates you whether the device is on and off. And manufacturer claims that you can directly use it on wet hairs without blow-drying But actually, it is not safe our opinion is you should dry your hair before using it.

In last,

The product country origin in India, Overall If you are buying the straighteners for the first time it is very recommendable for you.

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Key Features

  • Nanosilver technology
  • a quick heat in 30 seconds
  • 1.8-meter cord length
  • Temperature can be controlled from 160 to 220
  • 4 temperature setting levels
  • Nano silver technology

  • Ceramic coating for safe usage

  • Budget-friendly

  • A quick heat in 30 seconds

  • Auto-off in case of overheating

  • The body starts heating if used for long

  • No warranty

10. Remington S9100 Proluxe Hair Straighteners

Remington S9100 Proluxe hair straightener deserves to be under top 5 of the best hair straighteners

But, it is too expensive than the others. therefore, we listed it here. So, let’s start looking at the features.

Remington has the ceramic plates which ensure safe usage by distributing the heat and provide a smooth gliding. Ceramic plates will provide a stunning look.

Also, users found that one swipe will be enough to straighten the hair with satisfactory results, This product comes with 6 temperature settings.

But, the question is which one will be good.

So, the users and testers found and favoured the Pro+ setting where plates heat up to 185 degrees C for effective styling without overheating the hair. 

In the LED display you will be able to see the exact temperature. The panel agreed that their locks looked healthier afterwards, with more shine and a silky, smooth feel.

Intelligent OPTIheat technology provides heat where it matters.

Some users are facing the problem, That they do not come into contact properly. Do not grab the strand of hair uniformly, maybe it’s just with some products.

In India, maybe the product is not that much famous that it has small purchases in India. But believe me, Remington S9100 is the best seller in the UK.


Key Features

  • Ceramic coated plates
  • LED display for temperature.
  • 6 temperature settings
  • Number of heat settings: six (150 to 230C)
  • Intelligent OPTIheat technology provides heat where it matters

  • Ceramic coating for safe usage

  • A quick heat in seconds

  • Auto-off in case of overheating

  • In some products, plates do not come in contact completely

  • No Ionic technology

11. Syska Superglam HS6810 Hair Straightener

Generally, Syska makes LED bulbs, tube lights. but have you heard that Syska also makes hair straighteners for women and men?.

Let’s keep them all side by side and now let’s talk about the product.

Syska also providing ceramic coating plates for smooth gliding, yes Syska is providing ceramic coating not plates so, the quality will not be as Philips and others but able to do their job pretty well.

Along with, you’ll also get auto-off for Over Heat Protection at such price range.

Syska best hair straightener comes with an adorable pink colour and glossy stylish finish which looks cute. it has a PTC heater and a heat balancer who distribute the heat properly.

its ceramic plates were heat resistant and they really cool down very fast. So, there is no chance to hurt yourself even by mistake. 

The shocking thing is that

Syska is providing 2 years of warranty under 1000 rupees which even high priced products cannot provide sometimes. The straightener is super lightweight which is very easy to use.

SuperGlam with its rapid heating function gets ready-to-use in just 60 seconds. 360-degree swivel cord with 1.8m of length won’t complicate over each other.

Overall, this hair straightener is providing an extreme level of features at a very affordable price range. also, Syska has a good market in India and we all know its quality and durability.  



Key Features

  • Ceramic coated plates
  • Auto-off for Over Heat Protection
  • Adorable pink colour
  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • Push up lock system

  • Auto-off overheat protector

  • A quick heat in 60 seconds

  • 2 years of warranty on the product

  • Adorable looks

  • Ceramic coated plates, not ceramic plates

  • small plates

12. VEGA VHSH-16 Trendy Hair Straightener

VEGA VHSH-16 is a modern looking hair straightener. If you travel so much then it is easy to carry VEGA with you because Vega comes with just the functions you need to carry it securely.

Mostly, users say that this hair straightener is a gem for girls with long hairs. best hair straightener for thick hair.

Also, it is not bulky and large in size you can always carry it in your bag so if you like to take accessories with you then this one will best travel-friendly.

To prevent the hair breakage this hair straightener features floating plates.

A floating plate will help you to get smooth glide without tugging or damaging the hair to minimize hair breakage.

Vega comes with ceramic coated plates like Syska super glam to protect hair from damage, the quality will not like Philips because it is coated plate not actually a ceramic plate but works pretty well.

In addition to that, it comes with an easy lock system where you can lock or unlock by just pushing a button on the handle.

To avoid unnecessary tangles vega provides 360 degrees swivel cord rotation conveniently. The plates can go up to 230 degrees C which is a very optimized temperature for straightening.

Vega can go to its maximum temperature in just 60 seconds. not only, but also auto-shutoff in 60 minutes when not in use to avoid any accident or damage.


Key Features

  • Ceramic Coated plates
  • Easy lock system
  • 360 swivel cord
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Quick heat up in 60 seconds
  • Modern looks

  • Easy to carry

  • A quick heat in 60 seconds

  • 2 years of warranty on the product

  • Adjustable temperature settings

  • not able to curl the hair

Buyers Guide - Best Hair Straightener 2020


What is hair straightener?

Hair straightening is the new technique of styling, Specially women take an interest because they are having long hairs which need much care, Hair Straightener is the device which has two narrow heated plates used for straightening the hairs.

Hair straightener especially designed for the person who has curly hairs, There are mainly 3 types of hair straighteners which commonly used re-bonding, keratin and smoothing

Mostly Hair Straighteners comes with ceramic material for their plates.

Why you need hair straigtener?

A hair straightener can be used in different ways,

hair straightener can be essential for an individual who has damaged and thin hairs. if you have damaged hairs then it is a highly recommendable method to treat your hair. but you have to purchase the best hair straighteners.

For Styling your hairs wavy, curly or swoon-worthy look hair straightener will make you party-ready like a salon in just 5 minutes to 10 minutes. 

There are several hair straighteners for women and men, not each one was unisexual but almost hair straighteners are unisexual and used by both men’s and women’s. so, a hair straightener can be also ideal for men.

So, nowadays if you want the curly stylist and straight hairs then you should surely purchase one, even I also use a hair straightener and I am happy now.

Different types of the hair straightener plates

plates are very essential that you have to look according to your hair. several people make these silly mistakes that they buy before looking at the plates 


I am here to completely help you out so don’t be afraid.

Ceramic Plates

These plates cause smooth gliding through the hair without pulling and tugging at it, reducing breakage and damage to the hair, spread hair evenly through the plates and keep the temperature at a constant level. For frizzy hairs, it can be a good option.

Titanium Plates:

Titanium plates are made to heat up quickly and for quality results. The titanium plates are also very durable and high heat conductive. But this is not for everyone, maybe it can cause hair damage for some peoples.

Tourmaline plates:

Tourmaline technology was made to provide smooth and shiny hairs, tourmaline plates are crystal boron silicate mineral. 

I know you are not understanding, so in simple words, Tourmaline emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions present in dry or damaged hairs. 

to cause no damage these plates seals the natural oil which can prevent the damage. 

What you have to look before buying a hair straightener?

The buying of hair straightener isn’t easy, firstly you need to know what type of your hair is Consider your hair type. If you have tight curl hairs it is difficult to manage, other then if you have short wavy hairs that’s comparatively easier.

1. Choose quality

You are dealing with your hair so, you need to know before purchasing that it is quite risky to use a cheap product, choose the straightener with the best quality which good for you and your hair.


2. Know your purpose 

There are multiple types of hair straighteners- but you should know what is your purpose of buying If you travel a lot then you should go for a small size straightener easy to carry, and if you only have to fringe your hair small one will work better. 

Other than if you have coarse or boorish hair you should choose big straighteners which is easy to use for your large bulky hairs.

3. Choose your plates 

Normally the straighteners come with two types of plates, First is ceramic and the second is a titanium plate, 

Ceramic plates are good for smoothing out and reducing the frizz, but it heats up fast and can burn the hair if the temperature is too high, But titanium plates normally transfer heat not too fast and not too slow, and titanium is durable and lightweight.

But, as we have discussed early the plates are different types and have different purposes so choose wisely.

How can I know which plate is good for my hair?

4. Brand Reputation and Warranty

So, warranty is a factor that we have to look at every product we purchase. Generally, electronics by default stop working.

In our list of best hair straighteners, some products brands were not providing a warranty. Because the majority were less priced so for less pricing it is good.

Brands like Philips, Havells were known in the market we know their style of making and quality they serve. the products we listed are from known brands so don’t be afraid.

5. Consider your hair type

Firstly you should know your hair type, If you having short wavy hairs you can go for wider and narrow plates which can easily manage your tight curls and smoothly straighten your hair.

There are 4 basic hair types namely:

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Coily

Wrong selection is always risky, think more than once before purchasing any type of straighteners, it is good for you and your hair and prevents the hair from overheating.

6. Portability

What does portability means, portability consider that the hair straightener was not bulky and heavy in weight since it is heavy or bulky you’ll not able to carry it in your bag.

Also, a bulky hair straightener will make you to not use it continuously.


7. Pricing

So, firstly you have to look at the pricing of the product. There are lots of range of varieties available in the market but don’t try to go for a hair straightener looking comfortable or it is cheaper.

if you buy an expensive one then it will provide you with better quality then cheaper. So, try to purchase a good straightener.

8. Looking at the Temperature

The temperature of the straightener was decided by the hairs quality. if you have thin or damaged hairs and you are using straightener at a high temperature then you can end up with hair burn.

Like, for thick hair you have to pick the temperature between 190 degrees C to 200 degrees C. For thin hair, 150 degree is enough. 

Some essential features to make the best hair straighteners

 Auto shut off feature: This feature was made to avoid the accidents. sometimes we forget to switch off the straightener, therefore, it turns off straightener under 60 minutes.

♣ Ceramic Plates: Ceramic plates provide smooth glide through hair and provide equal distribution for equal heating through hair.

♣ Lock System: There is a button in the back to lock the plates together to make it easier to carry.

Floating Plates: Floating plates adjust the pressure to protects the hair shaft from getting damaged. The plates move to adjust the pressure on the hair.

♣ Infrared Heat: This makes the hair receive the heat from the inside. To reduce the burn damage.

♣ Fast heating: Fast heating will save your precious time. For quick usage.

swivel cord: Wivel cord for more flexibility while usage. 

World wide: You can use it when you are travelling to foreign countries. this can support every type of voltage plugin.

Advantages of a hair straightener

  • Hair looks silky and really straight and beautiful after straighten.
  • Permanent Hair Straightening can be a great long term solution to tame that frizzy, curly hair.
  • it looks natural and gives volume.
  • The procedure also gives a silky appearance and give smoothness. 
  • The heat dries out your hair and making it more vulnerable to split ends and breakage.
  • Straighten the hair from the roots and add a flip at the end.

Disadvantages of a hair straightener

  • For some people it damages the roots and scalp lead to dryness.
  • Side effects of chemicals and cause of hair fall and reduce hair growth.
  • It is not suitable for everyone.

Best hair straighteners- Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s discuss some FAQs that most of the people have in their mind. We are covering this section because we want you to choose the best hair straighteners without any doubts.

1. Do hair straighteners damage hair?

Yes, sometimes hair straighteners damage the hair.

What to do for prevention? 

Look everyone’s hair was not similar, a person with thick hairs can use it regularly but if you have damaged hairs then it will definitely cause a burn, the regular user can burn it too.


2. Is permanent hair straightening bad for your hair?

Sorry, but it is a big fat yes. Here, don’t worry we have a solution if you want to know then you can read in quora.


3. Do I need to use heat protectants?

If you are a regular user then definitely yes. hair protectants are sprays that add a layer over the hair keep the moisture locked.

Don’t want to treat your hair with chemicals? 

Now, you can also use natural protectants like coconut oil, argan oil, Mustard oil, etc.


4. How much width do plates have?

There are several types of hair curly, straight, long, short, thick, thin, etc. So, let us give you a proper idea.

For thick hairs, 6cm was enough that it can cover the hairs completely. short and medium hair need 3cm to 4cm plates. For extreme short hair, 2.5cm to 3cm will work best. 

If you want for travel purpose then you can choose narrow plates.


5. How much can I use?

I will totally not recommend using on regular basis. Daily heating can decrease the life efficiency of the hair and increase the hair fall.

How? daily heating will completely remove the moisture and nature oil and this will leave to the dryness of the hair. So use it occasionally or one in a week.


6. which is the best hair straightener brush?

Karmin brush will be best.


7. Should I clean my hair straightener often?

Yes, it will be a good thing if you cleat in once a month. Sometimes, burnt hairs stuck to the plates so keep it clean is a must.


8. Can boys use a hair straightener?

Of course, even in salons, barbers use hair straighteners to make several stylings.


9. How can I curl my hair?

First, purchase a straightener with edge curved. now, roll your hair gradually around the barrel. hold for few seconds then leave.


10. How long does straightened hair last?

Your hair straightening will last long for…

According to me, if your is curls then it must last long for 1-2 days. for moderately wavy hairs it must be 3-4 days.


11. How often should the hair straightener be replaced?

So, the products we have covered are vigorous than others available in the market. 

These straighteners were last long for around 2 years or more than that. Because at one point everything loses their ability.


12. Does a straightening hair brush really work?

It depends on your usage.


13. Is it okay to put oil on my hair after I straightened my hair?

Putting oil after usage is a good practice. See, your hair becomes dry after usage so it needs some moisture and oil can be a great option.


Last, there is nothing to say we have covered all the points and try our best to help you out. 

There are 11+ straighteners in the list of best hair straighteners so that you can pick your favourite one according to your hair no matter which one it is. 

If you still have doubts then feel free to ask on the comment section we will try our best to help you out…

Happy Shopping!!!

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