Top 5 best induction cooktop 2021 [Prices are shocking]


Today I’m going to show you 7 best induction cooktop 2021. These induction cooktops will offer faster cooking up to 50% and efficiency too.

Even, In my home, my mother uses one of this and she cooks efficiently now.

Induction cookers are the stoves work by using electricity, The inductions have a cooktop stove where you can do every work you do over a gas stove. 

Induction cookers are going popular over India day by day because it is easier to use and safer than gas stoves. Not just that, they are designed for the efficient cook and cook faster. 

These things make it a great option over any other, There are several things you have to consider before purchasing an induction. 

To know these factors you have to read the whole article including buyers guide to purchase the best induction cooktop 2021.

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Which induction cooker is best

Product NameWarrantyPower  
Prestige PIC induction cooktop1 year1600-W
Pigeon by stovekraft cruise 1800 W induction cooktop1 year1800-W
Philips viva collection 2100 W induction cooktop1 year2100-W
Usha cookjoy 1600 W induction cooktop1 year1600-W
havells instacook PT 1600 W induction cooktop1 year1600-W

#1 Prestige PIC 20.0 230 volts/1600 watts Induction Cooktop (Black)


Prestige is India’s largest kitchen appliances company, Over the past five decades. it is the first choice in millions of homes they built their trust pillars through innovation, durability and safety.

Prestige PIC 20.0 has equipped with Type of control panel – pushbuttons which ensures smooth operation, It has present Indian menu option which helps you to cooked your favourite food like chapati dosa, curry etc perfectly.

Automatic voltage regulator which ensures that the voltage is taken by the machine is durable and takes care of high low voltage variance.

Besides, Prestige PIC 20.0 also comes with intelligent computer control, it will help to adjust the temperature and power. The appliance automatically switches off the power when it lefts on.


Antimagnetic walls ensure that only transfer the heat on centre and it keeps the remaining surface cool, Cleaning the surface is easy, smooth and hassle-free.

Their buttons are feathure touched not too hard, soft buttons prevent from the entry of water into the appliance. Timer buttons will help to adjust the time.

Above all, there is the dynamic cooling system which works after the appliance switched off it will down to the normal temperature after using.

Key Features

  • Automatic voltage regulator, saves energy
  • 1 year of warranty.
  • Type of control panel-Pushbuttons
  • Dimensions: 38cm(Length) x 26cm(Width) x 6cm(Height)
  • Weight : 2.2kg

  • 1 year of warranty

    Indian Menu Option

    Anti-magnetic walls.

    Automatic voltage regulator

    Soft feature toched buttons

  • Some times induction take lot time to get heat up

#2 Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)


Pigeon is a Korean brand, established in 1978 to manufacture household products, they are famous for their fabric softeners in Korea, Induction cooktop of this brand is best budget cooktops they provide good quality in low price.

Now let’s start to talk, The features of pigeon Lovecraft cruise induction, Firstly the Auto switch-off feature it is a pre-programmed setting helps to shut down the device when induction is not in use and stop unnecessary wastage of energy.

Next is the 7 Segment LED display for easy selection of the menus, The feather buttons were given to choose different cooking options or to adjust the cooking temperatures.

To improve power efficiency it comes with an auto-shutoff feature which is manually set by the company, this feature will save more energy when you cook.

If you love Indian dishes then it’s pre-set menus enable you to cook Indian recipes with ease. There can be very fewer chances for the short circuit as it uses high-end parts. 

Pigeon cruise needs 1800 Watts of power consumption which is more than Philips So, the reason being it’s in 2nd position is it’s more power consumption.

Key Features

  • Auto shutoff feature.
  • 1 year of warranty.
  • Featured touch panel
  • Power Input: 230 V and Power Consumption: 1800 Watts
  • Weight : 1.8kg

  • Light weight

    1 year of warranty


    Auto shutoff feature to save energy

    Automatic voltage regulator

    Soft feature toched buttons

  • Consumes more energy

    Cannot use small utensils over this like a mug to boil water.

#3 Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop with Sensor Touch (Black)


Phillips was formerly one of the largest company in the world, It was the largest manufacturer of lighting in the world as measured by applicable revenues.


They made Best quality products, Philips is one of the best brands for kitchen appliances and electric house products.

The Viva Collection Induction Cooktop is best for every kitchen,  let’s talk about their basic features which will help you use it.

First one is, Toch control panel controls the setting of the induction only with a touch of a finger no need to press the buttons, the machine quickly accesses the command of the owner.


There is a special one the Time Setting Function, It ensures that you can set the timer between 0 to 3 hour, if you are not present near the induction it automatically of the machine and prevent from burning the foods.

Another is the Electro-Magnetic Induction Technology it allows that high heating efficiency to cooking food fast without losing there nutrients and vitamins.

Indian Menus, They provide Indian food programming to choose from over ten present menus options, machine controls the temperature do not need to watch it all time.

Key Features

  • Touch control panel.
  • 1 year of warranty.
  • Time setting function.
  • Power Input: 220-240 V and Power Consumption: 2100 Watts
  • 10 present Indian menu option.
  • Child lock

  • Sensor touch keys

    1 year of warranty

    Time setting function

    Electro-Magnetic Induction Technology

    Indian menu

  • use induction compatible cookware with a flat bottom otherwise function or heating will not be proper

#4 Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)


Usha is famous for its home and kitchen appliances not only in India but in some other countries also.

Usha cook joy is induction with the good price point, also, You’ll get all the similar and basic features here with good design and safety features. Usha cook has a power consumption of 1600 W which is normal.

5 preset menus are Dosa/Roti, Milk, Curry, Deep fry and idli. 

Just as, they are providing 5 preset menus with push buttons to change the menus and control the temprature, in this price point its a good deal.

For safety, USHA issues Pan Sensor Technology it means if it detects incompatible vessel the induction automatically stop the power.

Also, there is another safety measure which is Overheating protection where its cooktop stops heating automatically if it gets overheated.

To stop the unnecessary wastage of power, you can also set up a timer where cooktop automatically shut-off if the time is up to 3 hours.

Overall, this induction was an incredible product with good pricing and super feature, Along with its a great power saver too as it has all the features to save power.



Key Features

  • Auto shut-off feature.
  • 1 year of warranty.
  • Featured push button panel
  • Power Input: 230 V and Power Consumption: 1600 Watts
  • Weight : 2.7kg
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 35.5 x 27 x 6.5 Centimeters

  • Low pricing with good features

    1 year of warranty

    Good power saver

    Auto shutoff feature to save energy

    Overheating protection

  • Heavy in weight.

#5. Havells Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop


Havells is famous for its standard Electricals, Home appliances, and kitchen appliances in India. Havells instacook is one of the best Induction in India with several features. It is specially designed for the India cuisines.

Let’s open all the features.

Havells insta cook comes with 6 different modes of cooking functions. like idly, dosa, curry, milk/tea, Manual and fry. It means you can use it manually or just have to press a button.

For easy operation, havells issue a led panel which shows you the temperature of the cooktop and different operations. For safety measures, insta cook has auto-shutoff up to 3 hours.

Like Usha cook havells, were also providing pan detection if it detects incompatible vessel the induction automatically stop the power.

The design and the theme of the induction are in Grey and black, Over cooktop, you’ll gonna see a ceramic plate with black in colour.

Now, let’s talk about the build quality of the induction, Here, you are getting the high quality which assures good durability.

The power consumption of Havelly is around 1600 Watts with the features who make it energy efficient, hence, it will be a superpower saver.

Overall, the product contains several features with all safety measures, and it has the power to enhance the kitchen. The product is more like the Usha cook joy.

Key Features

  • Auto shut-off feature.
  • 1 year of warranty.
  • Touch panel which is easy to use
  • Power Input: 220 V- 240V and Power Consumption: 1600 Watts
  • Weight : 2.48kg

  • Eye catching looks

    1 year of warranty

    Heats up quickly

    Auto shutoff feature to save energy

    Overheating protection.

  • Little bit heavy

Buyers Guide- Best induction cooktop 2021


What is an Indiuction cooktop?

Induction is the direct heating cooktop stove needs electrical energy to heat itself. Inductions reach a very high-temperature fraction of minutes rather than waiting for long in gas stoves.

In an induction a coil of copper wire placed under the stove when the electrical energy passes through the copper wire, the temprature starts increasing.  An Induction is much much safer than the gas stove.

Different types of induction cooktops

In this section, we’ll discuss the types of inductions available in the market and we have not listed all types of inductions in our article. But briefly described each and every type.

Single Element Induction

In single element induction, you’ll get only one zone to cook, were at a time you can cook only 1 dish. Mostly, these types of induction are less in price. They usually have a maximum power of 1800 W and operate at 120 V.

Multi-Element Induction

In multi-elements, there are 2 or more elements creating multiple cooking zones. You can also replace your gas stove with this thing. They are not easily portable and are much expensive than single elements.

Here, the maximum power of multi-induction is 3600 W and 220 V. 

Freestanding countertop induction

These inductions as per their name don’t need any type of countertops to place. They are countertops itself. countertop inductions have multiple cooking zones and an oven below it means you don’t have to buy ovens separately. Isn’t it a good thing?


You can use countertop inductions for outside cooking purpose.

Factors to look before purchasing an induction cooktop


So now, let’s talk about the major factors we have to look before purchasing an induction. There are lots of different varieties available in the market to distract your mind. But also buying a good induction is not that easy.


So, firstly you have to look at the pricing of the product. There are lots of range of varieties available in the market but don’t try to go for induction with comfortable looks however also available at cheaper pricing.

It is a long-time investment, if you buy an expensive one then it will provide you with better quality then cheaper.

So, try to purchase a good Induction rather than purchasing a cheaper one.


At least check the warranty for any product in the market. because you are purchasing an expensive product. A warranty assures if your the product turns out to be defective. 

Then it will be repaired or returned by the company.


A portable induction cooktop made it convenient to use it anywhere you want. However you have decided to keep it in the kitchen, But if you have any emergency then you have the option to use it.

Power efficiency

Using an induction who needs more power will cost you more money to pay the electric bill than a power saver induction. So look at the features like auto-shutoff, Pan detection, less power rate.

♦ Safety features

Before using any electric appliance, it’s recommended to keep carry your safety with you. In induction there can several features like pan detection, auto-shutoff in case you forget to turn off the switch, Overheating protection. These are some of the must features an induction cooktop have.

Gas Stove vs Induction cooktop- which is better?

Gas StoveInduction   
Gas stoves are less efficient, as the generated heat where only recieved 40-45%Inductions are more efficient, as the generated heat where only recieved 40-45%
You have to pay for LPG gas which is more in cost than electricity.Electricity will cost lesser than the LPG gas.
Have less safety precautionsHave more safety precautions
Here, you can see the heat in the form of flameheat will not be visible to you.
Difficult to useEasy to use, even a children can use it.

Pros of induction cooking

Heat more efficiently and quickly than the gas stoves because the heat isn’t loose in between the utensil or cooktop. According to a survey, the heat generated by the induction consumes by the pan up to 90%. 

Have more safety measures than the gas stoves, Inductions provide many features like pan detection, auto-shutoff and overheating protection. All these features make it safer to use.

Induction stoves and cooktops offer precise temperature control, like in gas stoves you can not set temperatures exactly you need, or in electric stoves, it takes a lot of time to cool down and heat up.

More energy efficient than any gas stoves because in Inductions the vessel will receive heat up to 90%, on the other hand, gas stoves only 45%. So there can be more heat loss in gas stoves rather than inductions and this will create atmosphere warm.

Cons of induction cooking

Inductions are traditionally more expensive, Yes induction is way expensive than the gas stoves and any other traditional stove. But, it’s like an investment. First, you have to pay off for induction and after that enjoy it for lesser amount as it consumes less energy.

Inductions can overcook the food at first, Inductions generate heat way faster than electric stoves and gas stoves.

Frequently Asked Questions- Best induction cooktop 2021


1. Which induction is better 1200 watt or 1800 watt?

The ideal temperature was between 1800 W to 2000 W having instant heating capacities. A lower wattage like 1200 will hamper the joy of cooking so buy an induction between 1800 W to 2000 W.

2. How long does induction will last?

The induction will last up to 1 year if you use it daily.

3. Which is more economical gas or Induction?

Inductions are more economical than gas stoves as it uses less energy.

4. Can we cook everything in induction stove?

Yes, but only if it is made with stainless steel or aluminium.

5. Do induction cooktops use more electricity?

No, inductions don’t use more electricity on the opposite it uses less electricity and power with a lot of saving features.

Conclusion- Best induction cooktop 2021

Last, there is nothing to say we have covered all the points and try our best to help you out. 

There are 5 Inductions in the list of Best induction cooktop 2021 so that you can pick your favourite one according to your hair no matter which one it is. 

If you still have doubts then feel free to ask on the comment section we will try our best to help you out…

Happy Shopping!!!

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