Best Recliners in India

Top 5 Best Recliners in India Review & Buyers Guide (October 2020)

People rush every day about their jobs without thinking about their health and rest. At such a time it is good to relax after a hectic and stressful day at work. Recliners are the chair or sofa that can be an ideal partner for any tired person, recliner will help you to lean your chair, leg’s up, rise and escape from the worries or stress of the day.

Recliners are larger compare to the sofa or the chair. They are more comfortable. They perform several features to provide comfort. Some basic features are, half of the chair rises, allow you to rise feet, and the major feature is you can make the chair fall back. It is perfect for your office or home.

Nowadays, recliners also come with an in-built massage system where it is useful for elders and persons with muscle problems as it provides a more comfortable experience than a normal sofa. You can adjust the comfort of the recliners by yourself. 

Recliners are a little expensive as everyone cannot afford this if you are one of them don’t get offend recliners also comes in chairs that are not very much expansive. 

We comprehensively researched the best recliner brands and compare each other and come with the outcome of Best Recliners in India. Also provided a “Buyers Guide” below so, if have any doubt or question it will help you. So without wasting your more priceless time let’s start………

Best Recliner brands October, 2020

#1. Alcanes Darcy Recliner

Best Recliners in India

The first item in our list is from Best Recliners in India Alcanes Darcy Ultra Comfortable and Durable Ergonomic Single Seat Recliner comes with a complete package. The recliner was made with leatherette comes in brown color, The style of the recliner is contemporary and the weight is around 51kg.

Darcy brown recliners can be set to the three different positions according to the individual’s requirement. This recliner features a gentle handle lever that activates the footrest mounting mechanism upon pressing.

Double Comfort option push back mechanism, you’ll also get a zero wall design with adjustable footrest, wider armrest with a curved shape, large-size seat cushion.

With all these features this recliner is best recliner in 2020.

Key Features

● Brown color 

● Three different positions

● Modern and classic design

● 1-year warranty


  • Sleeky design
  • High-quality leatherette material
  • Double comfort
  • 1-year warranty


  • Aftermarket service is not available

#2. Royal Oak Divine Single Seater Recliner

Best Recliners in India

The second item is from the Royal Oak Divine Single Seater Recliner. Royal Oak recliner comes with a german recliner mechanism. The seatback cushions are made with soft faux suede fabric material.

The recliner has several reclining positions and you can also adjust at your favorite angle. Royal Oak provides a pocket spring that offers you extra comfort.

Your leg and back position can be also adjusted when you wish to lie. Or can sit in a normal position. Royal Oak as the name provides a premium experience when you sit on it, it also beautifies your dining room or hall where your recliner is placed. This one comes in the second position of Best Recliners in India.

Key Features

● Different positions

● Brown suede fabric material

● German Recliner Mechanism 

● 1-year warranty


  • Soft suede upholstery
  • Rocking feature provided
  • Premium looks
  • Recliner chair for back pain
  • 1-year warranty


  • Assembly not included in service

#3. HomeTown Danial Three Seater Recliner

Best Recliners in India

The brand named HomeTown was leading in the Indian furniture market and this one is the best recliner brand in 2020. This one is different from the above recliners as this is a three-seater recliner so that three people can enjoy it together. 

This three seater recliner is very comfortable to sit on and has a spacious seating depth and stable core support. The cushions are very soft offer relaxing seating with sturdy backrests. 

The design of the Danial recliner is very modern and comfortable to meet your uses and compliment the sophisticate of your home décor.

Made up of engineered wood, leather, and quality hard upholstery material to provide you good build quality. this one comes in the 3rd position of Best Recliners in India.

Key Features

● Three Seater Recliner 

● Assembly was included in service

● 1-year product warranty


  • Recliner chair for back pain
  • 1-year warranty
  • Assembly was included in service
  • Three Seater Recliner


  • Nothing…..

#4. Recliners India Style 205 Single Seater Recliner

Best Recliners in India

This product belongs to Recliners India, The brand has a good market for furniture in the country. Style 205 is a recliner that comes full of features and benefits.

The recliner has leatherette upholstery, constructed on a wood and metal framework. The brown finish adds a good modern style look where it also helps to improve home décor. 

Classy and comfortable couches were defined by their simplicity, Very comfortable seating experience if you are suffering from any type of back pain or muscle pain.

A foldable leg rests feature where you can relax your legs by raising, and also some adjustable positions so that you can adjust your favorite comfortable position. Also cushioned armrests and back made it super comfortable. 

This is an already assembled recliner where you don’t have to assemble it by yourself. India style 205 is the best recliner for seniors, kids, and for every age group. This one comes in the 4th position of Best Recliners in India.

Key Features

● Brown finish

● Foldable leg rest 

● Rocking mechanism provided

● Adjustable positions

●Space-saving wall away recliner

● 1-year warranty


  • Rocking mechanism
  • Space-saving
  • Cushioned armrests and backs
  • 1-year warranty


  • Armrests and height are not adjustable

#5. AE Design Rocking Recliner in Olive Brown Fabric

Best Recliners in India

AE design is Rocking Recliner in Olive Brown Fabric. The is representing brown but it is also available in other additional colors. This Recliner comes with full of beneficial features.

It has a fun feature where the recliner starts spinning around its base. Other recliners are not equipped with these characteristics.

The rocking recliner is a durable recliner with a fro rocking mechanism and soft cushioning, you can also use it as the best recliner chair to watch movies because of its good soft cushioning.

It has features to make legs feel comfortable by raising. Also if you are suffering from back pains or muscle pain then it is superior for comfortable sitting. This one comes in the 5th position of Best Recliners in India.

Key Features

● Adjustable leg rest

● Swivel revolving feature

● Durable cushioning

● Adjustable positions


  • Swivel revolving feature
  • Durable cushioning
  • Adjustable positions


  • No warranty
  • Assembly Required

Buyers Guide – Recliners

What is Recliner?

Recliners are large sofa or chair that reclines when individuals pull or raise their front and lower the back. When we compare recliners with sofas then a recliner allows more comfort because of its cushioning, springs armrests, and many factors.

A recliner can be useful for an individual who rushes every day for work and needs some rest after coming back home. it can help you to maintain your mental health by providing some relaxation.

Why do you need to buy a recliner?

If you are from one of them who had back-pain, muscle pain, or a hard-working person who does all day of hectic work. Then it is good to buy a recliner because recliner chairs are one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture.

The benefits don’t end here there are also several health benefits. 

if you lean in a reclined position then your muscles will be relaxed. This will impact your mental health also the tension and stress will go completely. Your neck and back will be completely relaxed so if you are suffering from such pains this will help you and also decompress your spine. 

Different Types of recliners

1. Massage Recliners 

Massage recliners are very special from others it performs massage features and also adds the heating feature where your recliner starts warming. It is ideal for one who suffers from back pains.

These types of recliners are a little expansive than others because of their extra features and extra comfort, when you turn on massage mode recliner starts vibrating in such a way to provide comfort. 

2. Wall Away Recliner

These types of recliners are ideal if you are living in a limited small room. It provides full recline positioning without taking lots of spacing. 

3. Rockers

Rockers are the simplest and affordable recliners. If you have a limited budget then it is an ideal option. It performs rocking functionally while you are sitting upright.

4. Lift Chair Recliners

These type of recliners comes with a special mechanism to lift your chair from the base. It is quite expansive than other recliners. Lifting function and reclining backrests are very limited. So it is good for sole with disabilities or injuries.

Factors to look while purchasing Recliner  

It is a good habit to look at the factors before purchasing any products not only recliners. There are lots of different varieties available in the market. But also buying a good recliner is not that easy. So, you have to take into account all these features.

We are here to help you so that you can choose a good product. Below we discussed every factor.

1. Pricing of recliner

So, firstly you have to look at the pricing of the product. There are lots of range of varieties available in the market but don’t try to go for a recliner with soft cushioning or comfortable looks however also available at cheaper pricing.

It is a long-time investment, if you buy an expensive one then it will provide you better quality then cheaper. So, try to purchase a good recliner.

2. Features

Features are one of the main factors, you have to take 2 to 3 recliners available at the same price range then compare each other and look at which one is providing more features. 

More feature means more comfort, so try to buy a recliner with full of features.

3. Size 

While purchasing a recliner you have to decide that where are you going to place this recliner you have to keep in mind that recliners come with a lean feature which takes double space than their base. 

If you are ordering online, then look at dimensions and double it because most of the recliners take just double space of their base. 

4. Weight 

The weight of the recliners varies for different types of reasons. First, if it is heavier then it will be very difficult for you to move. So, if live alone in your flat or room then you have to ask someone for the help of hiring someone. It will just waste your lot of time.

5. Capacity

So, you have to keep in mind if you buy a chair with higher weight capacity then it will be more durable and last long. If you are a healthier person then it is compulsory to look at the weight capacity. Even if you are not that much healthier.

Advantages and Disadvantages


● One of the most comfortable furniture

● Increase your home’s décor 

● Consider many health benefits

● last long for many years


● Takes up more place 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Recliner mean?

Recliners are large sofa or chair that reclines when individuals pull or raise its front and lower the back. When we compare recliners with sofas then a recliner allows more comfort because of its cushioning, springs armrests, and many factors.

A recliner can be useful for an individual who rushes every day for work and needs some rest after coming back to home. it can help you to maintain your mental health by providing some relaxation.

2. Best Recliner Brands 2020

Royal Oak is the best brand that serves recliners and overall good in every factor.

3. Are Recliners bad for leg circulation

A recliner can cause a problem if you sit in a poor position all the time. Sitting in an uneven position all the time can cause swelling in your legs because it is difficult for your legs to circulate blood in inactive muscles.

If this type of process happens every day then it can cause major problems. But if you sit in a normal position for around three to hours maximum a day then it doesn’t affect blood circulation.

4. Are recliners good for back pain?

Yes, sitting on a recliner is good for back pains because as long as you sit your recliner will provide you comfortable back support, lift your feet above heart level, and fits your body properly. 

5. Can we sleep on recliners for a long time?

Yes, you can take long sleep there but they do not provide support for long rest even it is comfortable. The disadvantage is you cannot turn your body if you turn then it will be a very uneven or poor position. So, it is good to take short naps in recliners.

6. Is it true that recliners are difficult to assemble?

No, it is not that hard to assemble because nowadays companies provide a detailed instruction manual where they tell everything. Usually, it is just done in just a few steps with required simple tools. 

But sometimes things get complicated if you have bought recliners with extra features like massaging elements, revolving features, and seat warmers, etc. After assembling maybe you’ll face problems like features are not working.

7. Who needs a lift recliner?

Lift Recliners are good for people to need extra support. If the individual is a senior person then lift recliner will help him to give support for standing. 

8. How to clean the recliner?

You can clean your recliner as you do with other furniture especially in sofasYou can use a mild soap and light scrub or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. 


Alcanes Darcy and Royal Oak are our top picks for best recliner in India. Their features and adjustable reclining angles make them rank on top. if you have any doubt or questions feel free to ask in comment section we’ll try to answer your comment as soon as possible.

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