9 Best Toilet paper in India that suits your budget (Review & Buyers Guide)


Today I’m going to show you the best toilet paper in India. These toilet papers are the strongest and will clean more efficiently. Even it is used in premium trains, hotels and aeroplanes.

When your toilet paper tears through your back, what can be the most worse scenario than this in the morning? it sounds little funny right.

But, to prevent this scenario in today’s article we’ll gonna talk about the toilet paper best and strongest. Also, we will judge them with some of these factors like ability, softness, and itching-free designing quality.

The toilet paper is the product we use at least one time in our daily life like in offices, home, hotels, etc. Here, the cheap toilet papers will feel rough and falls apart when you use it.

Also, read the buyers guide to get the proper guidance.


How a cheap toilet paper will be harmful

There are several brands and manufacturers available in online and offline both the market who provide toilet papers under ₹50 and ₹60, but the fact is that they are useless and vice versa they will harm your skin.

A cheap toilet paper can maybe lead to infection, skin rashes irritation, etc. why cheap toilet papers are this much harmful?

The toilet papers were manufacture using the extremely low-quality paper which contains several harmful chemicals. Also, cheap toilet papers does not smooth in usage.

Best toilet paper in India

Product NameSheet TypePrice  
Amazon Brand - Best toilet paper in India3-Ply Toilet Paper246₹
Solimo 3 - Ply Toilet Paper3-Ply Toilet Paper289₹
Selpak Elegance Perfumed Toilet Paper3-Ply Toilet Paper630₹
Origami soft 3 ply - The best toilet paper in 20213-Ply Toilet Paper303₹
Renova Green Toilet Paper - best toilet paper in India2-Ply Toilet PaperNot available
Galaxia Toilet Tissues2-Ply Toilet Paper165₹
Beco Bambooee Tissue3-Ply Toilet Paper482₹
KLEENEX 2 ply toilet paper - The best toilet papers in 20212-Ply Toilet Paper578₹
Globomotive 4 Ply Toilet Paper4-Ply Toilet Paper559₹

#1. Presto - Best toilet paper in India

best toilet paper in India

The first one in our list comes from the Amazon itself, we all know that amazon was the world’s largest eCommerce site but recently it also started creating the products.

The earliest thing you will feel is the quality and the thickness, since it was having good quality and thickness it will not easily get teared while using.

Also, the tissue is made up with 100% natural virgin paper. the tissue paper can easily absorb water and gets flushed easily, with that it feels really soft and smooth when you use it.

The Presto! 3 Ply Toilet Paper comes with  4 toilet rolls/ 6 toilet rolls and 8 toilet rolls here each role comes with 300 sheets over it.

It fits standard bathroom toilet paper holders without the need for any attachments, They are free from optical brightening agents OBAs, dyes or fragrance, which can cause skin irritation and are suitable for all skin types.

Overall, the toilet paper was good enough to use from baby to adults, but the toilet paper was a little expensive than others but if you need quality you have to pay for it.

Key Features

  • Tissues made from 100% natural virgin paper 
  • 3 ply tissue with 300 sheets per roll.
  • comes with the pack of 4 toilet paper rolls.
  • Quickly absorbs water and gets flushed easily
  • Soft tissues with a smooth feel

  • Soft and smooth.

    Gets flushed easily and quickly absorbs. 

    Made with 100 natural virgins paper.

    Strong and Effective.

  • little bit expensive.

#2. Solimo 3 - Ply Toilet Paper

best toilet paper in India

This is an Amazon brand, solimo makes good toilet papers. Always try to check the quality and price of the papers, and use one for a time and order more if you like.

It is safe for septic system and for standard sewer, Very soft with good absorbent bath tissue, made from sustainable trees pulp, not with any other bad chemicals.

This beautifully designed solimo toilet paper has very strong stuff and gets flushed easily. Also, you’ll gonna feel the smoothness and softness after using it, as it was made with good material there was no itchiness occurs.

Companies test toilet paper’s absorbency, strength, thickness and their dissolvability before sending it to the market,  

Solimo Toilet Paper is 3-Ply toilet paper, 160 sheets with each roll.

if you’re not completely satisfied, They’ll refund the full amount of your purchase. No returns are necessary.

Don’t try to waste time on reading the articles of cheap toilet papers, because nothing worse than a cheap toilet paper it is very rough to use and harsh for your skin.

Key Features

  • Very soft and smooth
  • 3-ply toilet paper
  • Good absorber
  • Tissue made with tree pulp
  • 12 Rolls, 160 pulls per roll

  • Good absorber

    Very soft and smooth no roughness

    Made with Tree pulp

    160 Pulls per roll

  • N/A

#3. Selpak Elegance Perfumed Toilet Paper

best toilet paper in India

Selpak is the best brand for toilet papers if you are finding and searching for best toilet paper in India,  Selpek is famous for their premium paper qualities and their abilities.

The Toilet paper comes with the unique Perfumed smell is very pleasant to use it the first time and it comes with a super soft texture.

Three-Ply design it means that is ultra-thick and good absorber with very soft and smooth textures it doesn’t harsh for your skin, Product is 100% cellulose without the use of any chemicals.

The product imported from Europe and manufactured in accordance with all international standards.

In each pack, you will get 4 and 8 scented rolls packs and their dimension is 21 x 11 x 20 cm; 460 Grams, now it is available on 2 colour schemes lavender dream and powdered scented.

This unique product shall glamour to your bathroom, It will stimulate your senses and whisk you away to a fantasy journey for a spa-like experience.

In last Selpak Elegance Toilet paper is very unique one you should definitely try it one time it will be a good experience for you.

Key Features

  • Unique perfumed scented
  • 3-ply toilet paper
  • Super soft texture
  • 100% Cellulose
  • 4 or 8 Rolls in a pack
  • Dimensions : 21 x 11x 20 cm; 460gm

  • Super soft texture

    100% Cellulose

    Perfumed scented toilet paper

    3-Ply toilet paper

  • Some hates the smell of perfumes

#4. Origami soft 3 ply - The best toilet paper in 2021

best toilet paper in India

As origami is claiming in its name that it was soft toilet paper. So the question comes in mind is it is the softest one or any other else?  

We have compared it with the above ones and found that it is similar not too much soft than the others, but it is not like they are hard or anything else the papers are perfect for usage.

Origami comes with 12 rolls in the box, and each roll contains 160 pulls so in total you were getting 1920 pulls in 315 rupees. so the quantity is good.

For superior quality and hygiene, the company has provided 100% natural virgin papers. the toilet paper was absorbant and disposable, with that you can also flush it.

The toilet paper was durable as it contains 3 ply strength of origami care. it means during the usage it won’t let your hands untidy.

So now, let’s talk about some cons, the paper will be easily dissolved during the wet usage sometimes we faced this not all the times hopefully, it will be fixed soon. 

But, Overall the product was amazing to use comes in good quantity, quality and available in good price.

Key Features

  • Passed in durability 
  • 3-ply toilet paper
  • Super soft texture
  • 100% natural virgin paper
  • 12 Rolls in a pack

  • Super soft texture

    100% natural virgin paper

    Durable enough.

    3-Ply toilet paper

  • Sometimes it gets dissolved while usage.

#5. Renova Green Toilet Paper - best toilet paper in India

best toilet paper in India

The Renovo green toilet paper was European Union Eco-Label Certified. It means its totally eco-friendly product manufactured without harming any natural substance like trees

The best part is the recycled papers were used for making also No dyes & Chlorine Free. 

Let’s talk about its softness, the softness you’ll get in recycled products are not that much if we compare it with non recycled products. But, the softness and smoothness we have observed are insane.

I would say that this brand comes firmly in the middle: it’s substantial stuff (not thin or weak). The toilet paper is in the middle range.

But, You don’t need to worry regarding this Toilet paper a lot as it has all the unique features that one good toilet paper should have. Besides, Renovo comes with 2 ply 260 Sheets Per Roll, Sheet Size – 125mm X 92mm.

The toilet paper was easily flushable as it dissolves like a normal non-recycled paper. The product was durable as it contains 2 ply.

Note: If you have sensitive skin then don’t buy recycled product maybe it can lead an infection to you.

Key Features

  • 2-Ply, 260 Sheets Per Roll, Sheet Size – 125mm X 92mm
  • 6 Rolls = 12 Standard Rolls, Long Lasting.
  • 100% Recycled Paper.
  • Treeless Paper, No dyes & Chlorine Free.
  • European Union Eco-Label Certified.

  • 2-Ply ultra smooth texture

    100% Treeless and recycled

    Good absorber.

    The quality was outstanding.

  • Little bit expensive.


#6. Galaxia Toilet Tissues

best toilet paper in India

Galaxia Toilet Tissue is one of the best and premium quality of the Tissues, It is the best and very good hygienic choice for your family.

It was purely made up with natural product doesn’t harm your skin, tissues are made from 100% Virgin Pulp Paper it will be a great selection that you can make.

You will only buy these tissues in a bunch of Rolls because the product is packaged in a pack that has 10 jumbo toilet rolls inside it.

The softness of this tissue will make you happy because it is the perfect blend of pure pulp that will provide you with a super soft experience that you will never imagine and ensures that it will nothing less than luxury.

These Toilet Papers are very high absorber it will absorb a high amount of moisture and remove dirt very easily, It is a good hygienic product which is best for you and the environment.

The texture of the papers are very different, It is 2-Ply ultra-soft tissue with perfect perforation make them very suitable to use.

My opinion is it is a good choice and you will be surprised that you can get this good quality at such a minimal price.

Key Features

  • 100% Virgin Pulp
  • 2-ply toilet paper
  • Super soft texture
  • 10 jumbo rolls in one pack
  • Cheap product with premium quality

  • 2-Ply ultra soft texture

    100% natural virgin paper

    Good absorber.

    Best and premium in this price 

  • Only 2 ply available.

#7. Beco Bambooee Tissue

best toilet paper in India

Beco is Eco-friendly company, They produce tree-free tissue rolls from organically grown bamboo- the fastest growing plant on Earth.

The paper rolls are made of 100% of organic virgin bamboo, because of unlike trees which can take 30 years to grow, bamboo grows back in as quickly as 3 to 4 months.

Lest’s see some more,

Paraben, BPA, chlorine and hypoallergenic these type of chemicals are not used on making this tissue, due to harmful skin problems they are made up of pure bamboo and Chemical Free.

Due to harnessed with 3-ply premium quality of the toilet rolls are suitable and very good highly moisture absorber and decomposable which makes them septic safe for disposal systems.

Most important point Beco is famous for Toilet rolls are Biodegradable and compostable in nature they biodegrade in soil within 2-6 months doesn’t worry about creating toxic elements.

220 Pulls of the sheet on each roll and lasts a long time due to 100% bamboo elements.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly tissues
  • 3-ply toilet paper
  • 100% Organic Virgin Bamboo
  • Chemical Free
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Suitable for all disposal system
  • 220 Pulls on each roll

  • 3-Ply Toilet paper

    100% Organic virgin bamboo

    Chemical Free.

    Biodegradable and compostable in nature

    Suitable for disposal system

  • N/A

#8. KLEENEX 2 ply toilet paper - The best toilet papers in 2021

KLEENEX 2 ply toilet paper was an adequate tissue providing by the US-based company. The reason to put in this is its softness.

The toilet paper was made with the natural virgin paper to maintain proper hygiene. besides, Kleenex toilet tissues are designed to dissolve in water thereby preventing blockages and reducing maintenance.

Now, let’s talk about the softness.

So, to get the measure of its softness we have used the toilet paper personally and we found it really very soft and smooth when you use it personally it feels like a premium expensive paper.

The tissues are 2 ply thick and absorb a good amount of moisture. A unique feature that comes in as an added advantage is their easy dispersibility on flushing.

Tissue was durable enough, as it doesn’t tear up while the usage. So, Overall the tissue performs very well in every factor, The quality they are providing make it super valuable at this price point.

Key Features

  • Passed in durability 
  • 2-ply toilet paper
  • Super soft texture
  • 100% natural virgin paper
  • 6 toilet rolls in one pack

  • Super soft texture

    100% natural virgin paper

    Durable enough.

    value for money product

  • Only 2 ply available.

#9. Globomotive 4 Ply Toilet Paper

best toilet paper in India

Globomotive experience very exciting journey of the past 15 years  and has gone through a constant evolution process  There are many eCommerce businesses today which promotes a variety of consumables for home, office and industrial products, 

But they are one of the very few if not the only one out there, which ONLY deals in “MADE IN INDIA” products.

Their Toilet papers are very soft and smooth, You cannot feel any kind of roughness on it, and these papers are made up of 100% natural virgin papers.


These tissues are very absorbent and economic tissue rolls, quickly absorbs the water and gets flushed easily without any issue.

It comes with 4-Ply tissue and it can be used last long there are 160 sheets per roll this product you can use for multipurpose for office, home, travelling, party etc.

In last this product is good not too premium and not too cheap this is an average product you will definitely go for it.


Key Features

  • Super soft and smooth
  • 4-ply toilet paper
  • Very good absorber
  • 100% natural virgin paper
  • 160 sheets per roll

  • First 4-Ply Tissue

    100% natural virgin paper

    Good absorber.

    value for money product

  • N/A

Buyers guide - Best Toilet Paper in India

best toilet paper in India

Now, above we talked about the best toilet papers in India. But, here you’ll gonna see the proper guide. If you want to purchase the best toilet paper then this guide will gonna help you to solve your all queries. 

How to use the toilet paper?

Take some amount of paper around and behind the facing cheek. Then clean it up using the index finger, middle and ring finger.

Wipe slowly from front to back and ensure you apply a reasonable amount of pressure. Maintain this activity while using a similar quantity of toilet paper. After the usage, you can flush the toilet paper.

best toilet paper in India

Types of toilet paper

There are several types of toilet paper available in the market. Let’s check out all of them.

1) One Ply toilet paper

The one-ply toilet papers are less in cost. As per the name, these were made only over a one-ply sheet. Also, They are brittle and not very effective.

2) Two-ply toilet paper

These are thicker toilet papers as they were made over two-ply sheets. You’ll find them more durable and effective, these are little bit expensive then one ply.

3) 3-ply toilet paper

These toilet papers were made using the 3 layers of ply sheets it means they are more effective and absorbent. For best results you can go with these toilet papers.

4) Bamboo toilet papers

These toilet papers were made by using the Bamboo and sugarcane Bamboo toilet papers are a part of a tree-free campaign is actually made from a combination of bamboo and sugarcane. 

5) recycled toilet paper

These toilet papers were made using the recycled papers, there is no denying that this will save the trees as well as reuse the energy and resources. These toilet papers are not soft and smooth as white papers.

6) brown toilet paper

This was also known as the unbleached toilet paper because it is manufactured using only a little amount of bleach, We can also say that it was the most environment-friendly toilet papers.

7) RV Camping toilet paper

RV camping toilet paper is designed in such a way so that it can deliver you the ultimate tenderness. These are also known as Marine toilet paper.

Factors to keep in mind before purchasing a toilet paper

best toilet paper in India

So now, let’s talk about the major factors we have to look before purchasing a toilet paper. There are lots of different varieties available in the market to distract your mind. But also buying a good toilet paper is not that easy.

Skin type

Some people have sensitive skin where they get irritation after using a rough toilet paper. Some have allergic skin so, therefore washing is a good option for them.

Material type

Generally, Virgin paper, cellulose paper, and wood pulp were used to make the toilet paper. but they have different uses. The virgin toilet papers are soft and smooth therefore they were used for cleaning butt. 

If you want to buy toilet paper for cleaning purposes or bathroom uses, you must select such toilet paper that is made of either wood pulp or cellulose.


it is necessary that the paper will be dissolved while flushing otherwise it will jam the pipe.

Use Purposes

It is major to know the purpose because for different purpose there are different toilet papers. For occasional usage like you are travelling somewhere then 1 ply would be a good option also it will be ideal for offices. 

If you’re going to buy toilet paper for homes or premium places, then 2-ply and 3-ply toilet papers are convenient. For cleaning purpose wood pulp and cellulose.


Before purchasing must checkout how many sheets and rolls they are providing. How many sheets are in one roll. The bigger the size the less you need to buy the toilet paper.

Check the toilet paper first then order more

First, order 4-5 different toilet paper you liked from the list then observe and compare each other by yourself after choosing the best toilet paper order more. 

You can also skip this step because we have already compared to each other.

Advantages of toilet papers

Easy to use: Toilet papers are quite easy to use rather than washing. Everything will be settled in the drought.

Disposable: These are manufactured in such a way so that we can dispose of the toilet papers with ease. You can flush it and store in a trash can.

Dry Usage: Because of the dry usage you can use it while travelling or anywhere else.

Recyclable: Nowadays the toilet paper is recyclable and renewable. It means they were not gonna harm our environment and trees.

Time saver: toilet papers will save your time you just have to wipe your bum wear your clothes. But, if you use water it will take a lot of time to wash your bum.

Disadvantages of toilet papers

Toilet papers will not clean your bum 100% like water, therefore, it can also dirt your pants.

Toilet paper costs money.

FAQ - Best Toilet paper in India

best toilet paper in India

1. Which is the best toilet paper in the world?

  1. Amazon Brand best toilet paper.
  2. Solimo 3 ply toilet paper
  3. Selpak elegance. perfumed toilet paper.
  4. origami soft 3 ply.
  5. Renova green toilet paper.
  6. Galaxia toilet tissues.
  7. Beco bambooee Tissue.
  8. KLEENEX 2 Ply Toilet paper.
  9. Globomotive 3 ply toilet paper.

2. Can you buy toilet paper India?

Yes, you can purchase a toilet paper from online or offline markets.

3. Does using a toilet paper to wipe yourself off leave a smell?

In my opinion yes, The toilet paper does not completely wash your bum it will leave some dirt. Some times this will also create a smell.

4. What is the best among jet spray and toilet paper?

On comparison, Jet sprays clean more efficiently as it cleans 100% dirt, where a toilet paper clean up to 90%-95%. So jet sprays are best.

5. Should I throw toilet paper in the toilet?

As toilet papers take a few years to get decomposed, you need to flush it.


Conclusion - Best Toilet paper in India

Last, there is nothing to say we have covered all the points and try our best to help you out. 

There are 9 toilet papers in the list of Best Toilet papers in India so that you can pick your favourite one according to your hair no matter which one it is. 

If you still have doubts then feel free to ask on the comment section we will try our best to help you out…

Happy Shopping!!!

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