Top 7 Best Wall Clock for Kids Room

Top 7 Best Wall Clock for Kids Room in (October 2020): Review & Buying Guide

Time is a very precious thing and it is priceless and nowadays kids also have a busy schedule like going to school, tuitions, home works, etc. So, we are here with Top 7 Best Wall Clock for Kids Room in (October 2020).

A wall clock can instill a good habit in your kids of following schedule or a wall clock can also increase home décor. 

A wall clock can perform several features like music after every hour, pendulum and others. But choosing Best Wall Clock for Kids Room is not that much easy.

So, we are here to help you out, our team researched several products comprehensively and made the list of best wall clocks for kids based on design, visibility, analog clarity, etc.

Also, there is a “Buyers Guide” you can read if you have any questions or doubts regarding wall clocks. Also, we covered frequently asked questions there. 

Best wall clocks for kids room (By AskTrade)


#1. Efinito Wall Clock For Kids with Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism

Efinito Wall Clock with Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism

The Efinito Wall clock has a special feature where teaching your kids to tell time got easy the clock also has represented minutes in numbers instead of dots.

The clock comes with a silent non-ticking mechanism where the size is around 14 Inch Diameter. It also helps kids to increase their math skills and become familiar with counting in 5s, fractions, hours, minutes. 

Efinito furnishes modern design with easy to recognizing colors, Also the numbers were Large colorful bold against white surface creates easy viewing. It will suit home décor or the décor of your child’s room.

Efinito clock is not only ideal for kids. seniors with low eyesight also can recognize the colors and numbers easily from a recognizable distance. These features make this clock ranks in top position of Best Wall Clock for Kids Room.

Key Features

● The diameter of the wall clock is 14 Inch

● Comes with the counting of seconds, minutes, and hours

● Wall clock Battery: AA Carbon Battery (Not Included in the Package)

● Silent Non-ticking mechanism

● ABS and glass were used as materials


  • Works in Silence
  • Easy to recognize the theme
  • Best for learning
  • Demo pros here


  • No warrant was mentioned
  • Demo cons here

#2. Solimo Wall Clock – classic Rolette (Silent Movement, Black Frame)

Solimo Wall Clock - classic Rolette

Solimo wall clock represents classic design where it is simple but yet attractive, Besides, it adorns your interiors with this beautiful timepiece.

The wall has a dial flaunts bold numerals which make it easy to check the time even from a distance. This timepiece also has a silent sweep non- ticking mechanism so that you can it can maintain silence.

Solimo was a circular type wall clock with a diameter of 12-Inch & have a width of 2.4cm. The easy to recognize Colours, Classy design, and Bold numbers make this clock to place in the second position of best wall clock for kids room. 

Key Features

● Classy design

● 12-Inch diameter and 2.4cm width

● Made from plastic and glass

● The battery for the wall clock is type AA

● 1-Year warranty


  • Silent sweep movement
  • Large and Bold Numbers
  • Classy design
  • 1-Year warranty


  • Sometimes analog runs fast
  • Bad to recognize for seniors

#3. RAG28 9117 Plastic Spacecraft Wall Clock 

RAG28 9117 Plastic Spacecraft Wall Clock

RAG28 Wall clock is dedicated to space, as the theme represents several types of planets, stars, and cartoonish aliens. The clock was designed for modern times with long-lasting quality.

Like other clocks, this clock also provides a good vision of readability by representing Bold numbers over dark surfaces.

The clock is made with a plastic frame and a glass panel. The RAG28 wall clock is also an ideal wall clock for the kitchen or bedroom.

Key Features

● Size is around 11.75 Inch

● 18 months of warranty

● Plastic and glass were used as material


  • Stylish Design
  • Easy installation
  • 18 Month Warranty


  • Tick tick mechanism was used

#4. Regent Analogue Round Marvel Captain America Wall Clock with Glass 

Regent Analogue Round Marvel Captain America Wall Clock with Glass

Nowadays, people are going crazy for marvel movies especially kids and teens, this type of marvel theme can easily attract any kid.

The Regent wall clock is anti-dust so that the beauty remains intent, color coating technology was used. The numbers were represented in bold so that it is easy to recognize from distance.

Regent Analogue wall clock can also be a good wall clock for bedroom living room, kitchens, and offices.  

The clock is made in India, Comparatively, this one has a lower price than other clocks and in our opinion, it is fully worth its product.

Key Features

● Marvel theme

● ABS plastic with glass panel was used

● Battery type: AA

#5. Amazon Brand – Solimo 12- inch Kids Wall Clock (Silent, Movement, Black Frame)

Amazon Brand – Solimo 12- inch Kids Wall Clock

Solimo wall clock is very good in appearance and can easily attract any child. Besides, it can adorn your interior with a beautiful timepiece.

 The elegant dial flaunts bold numerals which make it easy to check the time even from a distance. it also includes silent sweep movement where the clockwork silently without making any noise.

The design of the wall clock is a circular type made with plastic and glass front panel. It can also be perfectly sized for your living spaces as the Solimo wall clock measures 12-inches in diameter & have a width of 2.4cm.

This clock is not only ideal for a kid’s room but can also be used in the living room, bedroom & offices. The company is providing 1-year of warranty on the product from the date of the invoice.

Key Features

● 12 inches in diameter

● 1 year of warranty

● Make no sound while tracking time

● Battery type AA 

● Glass and plastic were used in the making


  • Work in silence
  • 1-year of warranty
  • Clear representation of the numbers on the clock


  • Sometimes analog runs fast
  • Non- durable

#6. IT2M RAG28 Designer Wall Clock

IT2M RAG28 Designer Wall Clock

This simple wall clock adds a splash of color to the plain walls. The clock was made with high-quality plastic while the front of the clock is enclosed by a clear piece of glass.

The clock works silently as it has a sweeping movement where the clockwork silently without making any noise. Excellent quality quartz movement of the clock displays accurate time.

Bold numbers in white against colorful interfaces were used so that it can be notable from a distance. The clock also comes with an 18-month warranty on the hand movement and machine in general.

Key Features

● White Arm’s over dark background

● Does not produce a ticking sound

● Bold numbers were used


  • Ideal size for rooms
  • 18-month warranty
  • Works in silence


  • Plastic time makers

#7. Home Center Happiness Printed Wall Clock

This wall clock can increase your home décor with a delightful print refreshing ambiance, clocks were made with the high-quality plastic and a front glass panel and the size is around 32 centimeters in diameter. 

The Blue interface of the wall clock is made to spread a lively vibe, when it comes to your children then the impact will be positive. 

But there’s some minor disadvantage that the clock doesn’t provide silent sweep analog, and Warranty was not mentioned by the company. 

Key Features

● Multicolor was used but the main color is blue

●Round shaped clocks

● Plastic and glass in front were used as material


  • Positive interface
  • Size is good
  • Bold numbers visible from a distance


  • Warranty were not mentioned by the company
  • The clock does not provide silent sweep analog

Buyers Guide – Wall Clocks


What is the wall clock? 

As the word wall is describing the intention of the product, the wall clock is made for hanging. The size of the wall clock is bigger than other types of clocks so that individuals can recognize numbers from a distance.

There are so many types of wall clocks comes in different design, shapes, and functions.

Why wall clock is necessary for a home?

Well, if you have a busy schedule every day but not able to follow the schedule. Then a wall clock can be ideal to remind your schedule again and again.

Also, the wall clock can increase your home décor with delightful print refreshing ambiance. So it is good to buy a wall clock for your home.

Factors to look at while purchasing Wall clock

It is a good habit to look at the factors before purchasing any products not only clocks. There are lots of different varieties available in the market. But also buying a good clock is not that easy. So, you have to take into account all these features.

We are here to help you so that you can choose a good product. Below we discussed each and every factor.

Digital type or analog mechanism

The first factor is deciding which type of watch you want wheater it is analog or digital type. Digital type clocks are unconventional and hand is absent, Whether it is more accurate then analogs. 

They include the division of time like hours/minute/seconds. The background interface of clocks is generally black and red digital numerical so that it is easy to recognize.

Analog clocks are common wall clocks that are used mostly, the hours, minutes, and seconds hands are present. The advantage of this type of clocks is the designs are not restricted to one shape or size. 

Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor while purchasing clocks, you have to look at the number of batteries depends upon the features of the clock. 

If the battery life is not good it can be irritating for you to change the battery every time right, So if you need a good battery life then you have to spend a good amount of money. The more you spend more you get. 


You purchase a large-sized wall clock but your room is very simple and small then the watch will totally ruin your home décor. 

Size is a very important factor for any type of watch, According to our research a medium clock suits every type of room rather than small or large. A small clock always suits small rooms and a larger one always suits larger rooms.

Silent Sweep Mechanism 

In case if you are looking for a clock for silent places like bedrooms, offices then silent clocks are ideal here. But, for places where the ticking sound is suitable then these wall clocks are fine.

In digital clocks, there is no need to think about ticking sound.


Always check before purchasing that bold numbers are printed so that it is visible from a distance, the front glass should not be shady to reflect light. You need a wall clock looks attractive according to room design.

Frequently Asked Questions Best Wall Clock for Kids Room

1. Wall clock should face which direction?

According to Vastu Northern direction is the direction of Lord Ganesha and Kuber so the wall clock should be faced in the northern direction.

2. What should be the shape of the Wall clock shape according to Vastu?

As per Vastu, A clock with round, square, oval, or eight or six-arm should be good. So keep in mind while buying.

3. Wall clock with the pendulum is out of trend?

It is old but not out of trend, People like these clocks because of their every hour music and, Second their looks & design. 

4. What is the purpose of buying a wall clock?

Well, if you have a busy schedule every day but not able to follow the schedule. Then a wall clock can be ideal to remind your schedule again and again.

Also, a wall clock suits your home décor. 

5. Is there any warranty for all wall clocks?

Not for all, but companies like Ajanta, Efinito, and Solimo provide warranty on their products.

6. Where should I hang the clock?

You should hang your clock in the north direction not over any door as this can bring negativity to your home. If one is not preferable then the west should be recommended. 

Preferably it should be hung at a distance that enables you to view the clock from anywhere without difficulty.

7. Where is the best place to put a wall clock?

Always place the clock where you do your work or where you live more like the Living room, kitchen, bedroom, anda offices.

8. Can wall clock be gifted?

Yes, wall clocks are one of the most gifted products in Indian marriages or house ceremonies. You should also gift a clock to your loved once.

9. Are wall clocks out of style?

No, Many wall clocks are selling day by day, and also marketing is increasing. So, according to me, it cannot be out of trend because it is one of the most essential product in our homes. In the future, it can be a switch from analog to digital maybe but it cannot go out of trend.

10. what are the top wall clock brands in India?

Ajanta, Efinito, and Solimo are the best brands ranking on top. 


Solimo and Efinito are our top picks for best recliner in India. Their features and adjustable reclining angles make them rank on top. if you have any doubt or questions feel free to ask in comment section we’ll try to answer your comment as soon as possible.

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