How to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours (Effortless ways)


How to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours (Effortless ways)

Today I’m gonna show you how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours. These secret tips work for 8 out of 10 peoples. Personally, I have used most of these tips and guess what?

I am getting outcomes after applying it for 3 days.

what does sleeping 8 hours in 4 hours means?

Sleeping for 8 hours is enough for a teenager or adults, right? But, do you believe if I say that you can get 8 hours of rest with just 4 hours of sleep?

Your sleep totally depends on quality, not quantity, This is one of the major factors. The indicated factor determines “how rested you’ll feel if you wake”.

Improving your sleep quality can reduce the number of hours you need to spend in bed.

In today’s article, you’ll gonna learn how to sleep well.

Note: These methods are totally effective for every type of age groups, but, I don’t recommend 4 hours of sleep to under the age of 18. But, they can apply to improve quality.

Is it healthy to get 4 hours of sleep?

Everyone’s body is different, so for some people, it is not enough to get sleep for 4 hours. Like if someone does workouts regularly then his/her body needs much rest to recover. 

When this question comes how much you sleep? There is a simple answer that everyone’s body is different. And some people not tired all day long, but one the other hand some people get tired.

An experiment has found that getting a quality 4 hours nap is more equivalent to get sleep for 8 years of adding the age of the participants. 

How much sleep you required?

In the above paragraph, we said that everyone’s body is not similar. Everyone has their own genetics some people can relax even after 3 hours of sleep.

Also, there are some peoples who don’t feel rested after 8 hours of sleep. There are mainly 2 types of sleep, Overnight-sleep and polyphasic sleep.

Overnight sleep

Generally, mankind prefers overnight sleeps over polyphasic sleep, overnight sleep means Sleeping 7-8 hours without breaking.

Overnight sleep refers only one time in 24 hours period. also, if you sleep in this way you feel relaxed for the whole day like there is need for any nap in the afternoon.

There can be no negative effects of sleeping overnight, it’s just that you follow the daily routine of sleeping.

Polyphasic sleep

Polyphasic sleep, in polyphasic you have to sleep multiple times in the 24 hour period. 

Here, you have to take short naps like for 30min-40min nap for 6-7 times a day. Some people claim this type sleeps are more effective than overnight sleep.

But there is no proof available in the market that this sleeps can full fill the requirements.

Also, sleep deprivation on the polyphasic programme likely has negative points.

How can not enough sleep can effect your body?

There are several cases where the body can’t feel rested even after a night of sleep Like if your body doesn’t get the time to time sleep, You are going to sleep around 3-4 am and waking up at 12 pm. 

This can make a really bad practice, so, its necessary to follow a daily routine. 

Now, how much bad sleep can affect you?

  • Depression
  • Sickness/illness
  • Physical pain
  • Poor productive and focus
  • Frequent sickness

How to sleep faster and sleep 8 hours in 4 hours

how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours

Stop the usage of mobiles

Screening before going on the bad can affect the natural production of circadian rhythm and melatonin production. Also, after the usage of mobile stuff circulate through your mind and make your mind busy.

Wash your foot and massage with mustard oil (Regularly)

washing your foot with cold water and massage, because there are several nerves in your foot directly connected to the brain and this practice will make you feel relaxed.

Proper bedtime routine

1 hour Before going to your bed, make your room tech-free zone, wash your feet, wear comfortable clothes and lastly, you can also do meditation before sleeping.

Use the 4-7-8 breathing technique

Now, what is the meaning of 4-7-8? so basically there are 3 steps you have to follow.

Step 1– Breath in through your nose for 4 seconds.

Step 2- Hold the breath for 7 seconds.

Step 3- breath out through the mouth for 8 seconds.

Quit drinking caffeine conducting drinks

Caffeine is a tonic which acts on the central nervous system and increases the drowsiness. Mostly coffee contains caffeine so, besides you can drink tea too.

Create a proper atmosphere

First, wear comfortable clothes like cotton because they are cosy to wear. Second, create an optimal temperature of room neither too cold neither too hot 20 degrees to 24 degrees is considered optimal.

Third, don’t use any night lamp keep the room dark, quiet and clean. Final, Keep your mattress and pillows neither too hard nor too soft.

Sleeping in the best direction

As we know, geographically India is in the northern hemisphere, so there is a strong pull of magnetic fields towards north direction. Therefore, you can sleep on the other directions rather than north, in our India east direction can be ideal.

Take day naps

A small 20-minute nap in a day can recharge your body without causing you to feel drowsy.

Bad practices to avoid to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours

how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours

There are several bad practices which are small but can affect our body badly, it can be an addiction which you have to leave after reading this article. 

Are you ready?

Avoid Alchohol

Alcohol can be deadly for your central nervous system, this federal activity can affect badly and feel you drowsy.

Sleeping in the wrong posture

Are you not getting proper sleep after sleeping for 8 hours then you are sleeping in the wrong posture.

The Fetal position where your neck and back was curved this position can cause undue pressure on back and neck muscles. Facedown position can increase the size of the stomach.

Wrap it up to a position where you cover the body completely. Head on arm position can damage the tissue of your arms.

Sleeping on the left side can be the best option because when you sleep on the left the acid on your stomach rest in position.

Irregular sleep timings

Irregular sleep timing can disturb the bio clock of the body, you’ll also face difficulties while sleeping, it affects your mood, etc.

Here you can follow up a tip, set up the alarm over your mobile phone or clock, before 1 hour of sleep in between there can be the proper time to do the bedtime routine.

Playing with the snooze button

Many of you set up the alarm, but do you wake up with the one-time ring? Most of the people press the snooze button and sleep again.

This is a bad practice and can reduce your body clocking. So, it is good to wake up with one time ring. 

Sleeping in different places

If you sleep in different-different rooms like today bedroom, tomorrow living room. 

Then, you are doing a bad practice. Our body takes time to settle in different places. if you sleep daily in different places, then your body will not get time to get set.

So, set up a proper room to sleep.

Now, how to sleep faster (how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours)

Above we have talked about Good practices and bad practices (do’s and dont’s) to relax the mind. These are the practices to make you feel more sleepy before your bedtime. It’s really important to feel completely relaxed before you hunker down in bed.

Practice relaxing activities

1. Read Books before sleeping

Reading a book can reduce stress in your mind more efficiently. Research says that just reading 6 minutes can feel you relaxed, reduce stress levels by a whopping 68%. 

Read a book in your bed, then if you feel sleepy keep your book aside close your eyes, now, enjoy the pleasure of sleep.

2. Bhramari Before sleeping

Bhramari is a yoga practice Which makes your brain feel relaxed with the sound of At the same time, your lungs also have exercise and your breathing capacity increases.

Learn how to do bhramari here

3. Take a bath to sleep well

After working for a long day, like going to offices, doing workouts, exercises, travelling, etc in between you don’t have time to get relaxed.

So, taking a hot water bath before sleeping will promote healing and increase the blood flow

A mattress can take your sleep to the next level.

Imagine you are sitting in a chair in an uncomfortable chair in your office and you have to sit for more than 6 hours. Is it ok for you?

As an uncomfortable mattress can ruin your sleep and here no other formulas will work. your one decision of purchasing a good mattress can lead you to a comfortable sleep.

A good mattress can relax your all the body more efficiently, also it will be a great option to use neither too hard or soft pillow. 

Stages of sleeping- how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours

There are four types of stages gives direction to different sleep states. During a night sleep your body move through each stage four to six times One cycle takes about 90 minutes.

Stage 1

This is the lightest stage of sleep, in this stage, a single simple noise can breakdown the sleep.

So, during this stage your muscles relax, breathing and heart rate slow down. This stage lasts for 1 to 5 minutes.

Stage 2

Here your sleep goes little deep, mostly this stage lasts for 30 minutes to 40 minutes where heart and breathing rate slow down more further and body temprature.

Stage 3 

This stage is also known as the deep sleep stage because of this stage your body feel relaxed the next morning. Here your heartbeat and breathing rate becomes very decent.
Now, this is the time where your body feel more relaxed and it is more difficult to awaken you.

REM sleep

The stage comes after 90 minutes of sleep. Your heartbeat starts increasing frequently, your breathing becomes faster and irregular. Mixed frequency brain wave activity becomes closer to that seen in wakefulness 

It’s weird to hear that, behind your eyelids, your eyeballs start moving left-right rapidly.

Mostly you watch dreams in this phase. your arms and legs were temporarily paralyzed so that you can’t move in your dreams. 

All these stages work together to give a proper relax to the whole body. 

How much sleep do I need

Hmmm…Good Question.

Your sleep depends on your age group, it means sleep times changes time by time as your age starts increasing. An infant needs 17 hours of sleep while an old person will feel relaxed in just 7 hours.

as recommended by mayo clinic and CDC 


how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours

As you can see from the table as age increases the time to sleep decrease. In the same way, you can follow the table. 

But in case, if you are not getting enough sleep then compactly increase the time. Also, the reason could be your pillow or mattress you use, you can try a different mattress.

Signs you are not getting enough sleep

Our body works like a machine if there is any sort of problems then we’ll start getting signals. In contrast, sometimes our nails get the white spot then what’s the reason?

Just like, after not getting enough sleep body starts giving the signals.

Sleep deprivation can increase after getting more stress through day by day work. Also, getting too little sleep can affect many of your body’s systems and restorative functions.

  • You have a bad mood
  • Felling drowsy for the whole day
  • You are not focused on your work
  • Your skin is affected by dark circles, drop corners of the mouth.
  • your appetite has increased

How to calculate the sleep timing?

Its small but major factor.

You have to set up the bedtime according to your wakeup time it means…

  • Your wakeup time
  • Your bedtime
  • Allowing the 15 minutes to fall asleep


Bedtime to complete 6 cycles:- (6:45 pm). Bedtime to complete 5 cycles:- (8:15 pm). Wakeup Time:- (4 am).

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FAQ - How to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours

1. which is the best position to sleep with the neck pain?

Sleeping on the back can be ideal as it keeps straight the back and neck, hence it will provide some rest to the neck.

2. Why does sleep is important?

We, humans, do a lot of work in our day to day life like workout/exercise, job, etc. So, these practices take our physical energy as well as mental.

Now, sleep is the process which will give proper rest to our brain and body. Therefore, sleep is important.

3. Why I cannot sleep at night?

The condition of not sleeping is known as insomnia, there can be several reasons for insomnia the stress, overthinking, over the amount of caffeine, jet lag, not scheduled sleeping. 

4. Is it OK to not sleep at night?

No, if occasionally you sleep one night then the other day you’ll feel drowsiness, but it won’t harm your health. If you daily skip nights then it can create some severe problems with your brain and body.

5. How much to sleep in the day? 

20 minutes to 30 minutes, otherwise it will be difficult to sleep early at night.

6. Does sleeping on 1 position overnight is good?

No, sleeping on one posture can increase the pressure over one side of the body for 7-8 hours, it will cause some minor pain on the next day.

Conclusion- How to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours

In the end, there is nothing to say. Please read the article carefully because we have discussed a lot of things. Skipping one paragraph can cost you a lot. 

In the final analysis, follow these steps to sleep fast:

  • Follow day time practices
  • Avoid bad practices.
  • Make your room tech-free zone before 1 hour of sleep.
  •  Do a proper bedtime routine.
  • Go to your bed and enjoy your sleep.

Hope you liked this article, if yes then comment down below if not then also do comment, we will be very happy to get feedback from you :). For any doubts comment down below and feel free to ask anything.

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