We Analyze Mattress for Back pain regularly for 60 days. Here’s what…

The Backpain is really a major problem between the age of 30 and 50. if you are one of them then please read this post till last.

So, we have analyzed the mattress for back pain we normally use in our home to identify does it really helpful in back pains?


if yes, then how much it helped? 

We will share our own analyzation and experience we have done for 60 days.

Specifically, we looked at:

  • Do the results come quickly?
  • Stunning strategies that we used.
  • In between obstacles and their solutions.
  • Analyzation of Rajesh’s case
  • Rajesh’s experience in his own words.

Do Results Come Quickly

Stunning strategies for accurate work

In Between Obstacles and Their Solutions

In-Depth analyzation

Pros and Cons

Which Mattress we were Analyzing?

mattress for backpain

After hours of research, we have found that orthopaedic mattress was better to pick for back pain than others

because they are neither too hard and neither too soft and give you the experience of both firmness and softness.

So, we have analyzed one of the best selling orthopaedic mattresses called.

The reason for being it is selected that it comes at an affordable price,

Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress.

it was a best seller for last year, especially it is made for backpain.

Our one team member was suffering from lower back pain and he was only 26 years old so, we thought to let him purchase this mattress and test this out for 346 Days Since we can also share with all of you guys.

Do Results come quickly?

best mattress for back pain

If we do start doing something new then we want their results quickly, because its an human nature.

Back pains do not cause in one day.

it causes because there is something wrong thing you are doing like sitting on wrong postures, sleeping on uneven posture etc, everyday from past several months.

So, its not going to be ok in some 2 to 3 days. it will take 15 days, 1 month, or 2 months depends completely over you.

Our team member is going through very cronic condition so it takes him 3.5 months to get relief.  But we tested f

Stunning Strategies that we Used

After very comprehensively researching and talking to the experts we consider some sleeping strategies that one should follow suffering from back pain.

best mattress for back pain


So, we let him sleep on these extreme helpful positions which experts usually suggest. These positions are comfortable and will support our back.

  • Sleeping on the back can be ideal as it keeps straight the back and neck, hence it will provide some rest to the neck.
  • Sleeping on the left side can be the best option because when you sleep on the left the acid on your stomach rest in position.
mattress for back pain
  • Sometimes it will feel like you are not comfortable with this two sides, because sleeping over night only over 2 positions will feel very uncomfortable, so there is another best position.

    • Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees.
    1. sleepover right side or left side comfortably.
    2. Now take a pillow according to your comforts.
    3. Then, place the pillow between your knees.

Massage or therapy before sleeping

Does massage really ease back pain once you leave the table?

A recent study found that one weekly massage over a 10 week period improved pain and functioning for people with chronic back pain.

Benefits lasted about six months but dwindled after a year. Another hands-on approach is spinal manipulation.

Performed by a licensed specialist or you can do it with your own hands before sleeping, this treatment can help relieve structural problems of the spine and restore lost mobility.

Note: If you are having some severe back pains then don’t rely only on the mattress with sleeping on a comfortable mattress also do some practices experts prefer.

Our team member do different practices along with sleeping over mattress.

Exercise and Regular low-impact aerobic activities

mattress for back pain

We suggest you practice the exercises made for the back.

Those that don’t strain or jolt your back — can increase strength and endurance in your back and allow your muscles to function better.

Here are some of the exercises.

Walking can increase your strength and endurance, also try to keep the posture straight while walking.

A person needs strong back extensors to maintain good posture. These muscles run along either side of the spine.

Weak back extensors can reduce spinal and pelvic support, but doing an exercise called a “Dhanur-asana” can help.

In Between Obstacles and Their Solutions

There can be many obstacles or issues which can ruin your dedication to fixing your back pain. What are they let’s take a quick review.

  • Not having enough time to do practices.
  • My sleeping partner moves a lot at night.
  • Do not feel comfortable in mattress.
  • Having pets with long spiked nails

Now, let’s discuss their solutions.

mattress for back pain

Not Having Enough Time to do practices

Our team member Rajesh was also facing the same problem that he does not have enough time to do practices because of his office work.

So, what he did now?

Rajesh created a chart of his daily routine and found that he’s wasting his time over entertaining kinds of stuff more after coming from the office.

In this way, you can also found out where and how you were wasting your time. And take minimum 30 minutes because it is enough.

Sleeping Partner moves alot at night

Moving of partner can disturb your sleeping. But, the mattresses come now have a special feature for this issue.

Now many mattresses comes with motion isolation feature.

This feature will make you not feel the movement of your partner.

Do not feeling comfortable in mattress

We all buy new products with some expectations, like this when we purchase a new mattress we expect it to be comfortable and firm.

But, if your mattress is not comfortable then what you will do? We are humans and our mind and body needs to settle in new things.

So, if you are sleeping in your new mattress you will feel uncomfortable at start but it will be normal after some time.

Not able to sleep because of back pain

It is a very common problem that if you are suffering from back pain then it is difficult to sleep.

And if you are not sleeping then how can you will gonna treat your back? 

How to sleep more quickly and efficiently 

This article will gonna help you out with this problem. 

As we have discussed every tricks and tips which will help you to sleep.

Does your dog or cat can ruin the mattress.

The answer is no, Now a days mattress also comes with the memory foam. 

What does memory foam do?

The palm of cats and dogs have large nails and here the nails do not forge the foam. So don’t worry.

Also, If we cover the mattress with cover then there are very less chances your cat or dog scratch it.

In-Depth Analyzation

In this section, we will gonna discuss the day to day changes, relief and problems over back pain that Rajesh has faced.

Stick with us till the end to know a complete blueprint of how Rajesh fixed his back using the mattress and some techniques.

Day 1

In day 1 Rajesh were having severe pain in his back and it was his first day he’s going to sleep on a mattress for back pain. 

According to him it was the most comfortable night ever since he has back pain.

Day 5

On day 5 an expert suggests him to follow some strategies that we have discussed above.

From day 5 he started following those strategies on regular basis. His wife helped him a lot in treating his back.

It will give his back a boost to recover more frequently.

Day 7

The back pain was a little lower than the other days today. So, his expert advised him to do some exercises suitable for your back.

He faced a little pain while exercising. But he didn’t give up.

You can also do the same like our team member rajesh when you feel like your back pain has little lower now.

Day 15

On day 15 Rajesh feels that his back is getting freed gradually. Unlike other days where back feels heavy.

Its because he started doing exercises one week before.

If you are ignoring yoga or exercises I have told your back then. You are missing the biggest potion.

So, if you are able to do the exercises then definitely give one try.

Day 20

Rajesh did the worst mistake. Where he was getting good results he did a mistake that every person battling should avoid.

What was the mistake?

Rajesh went on a long road trip with his family for 2 days. Here he stayed for 5-6 hours straight over sitting position.

After reaching home Rajesh suffered from lots of pain in his back and this pain lasts for 1 day. 

Here, if he didn’t have the mattress at this time then the back pain will also last for 4-5 days but because of the comforts of orthopaedic his pain treated only in one day.

Day 30

Now, Everything is fine here there was not much back pain in his back. 

You can say that the mattress keep his back straight every night for one month. Where on the first day he was not able to stand and sit up easily.

After this day he started contributing to home works.

From day 30 to 45

In this time period, his back pain was almost right. But, if not completely.

In this stage, if someone would say that his back was normal then they were completely wrong because right now its root not healed yet.

So, don’t stop treating your back until 3 months. If you would stop then the pain will rise up again.

Day 60

On this day, his experts have asked him to stop his back treatment. Since his back was completely fine now.

Also, he didn’t replace his orthopaedic matters with other ones according to Rajesh his experience of treating back pain It was probably impossible without a mattress. 

So he prefers to use it for a lifetime.

Ok so now Rajesh will tell you from his own words how was the experience.

mattress for back pain

Rajesh experience with mattress

Hello everyone, My name is Rajesh and I am 26 years old.

One day suddenly my back started paining when I was working at the office. It was normal for some 2-3 days.

But, then the pain suddenly increases, here i realised that it was not a normal problem.

Then I consulted my one family friend who is expert in this niche. I remember the first thing he questioned was “How’s your mattress?”

I transparently answered his all the questions and then they first told me to buy a good mattress.

I ordered the best orthopaedic mattress for back pain immediately, as well as started some yoga, exercises and strategies told by expert.

The experience with the mattress was incredible and it also comfortable for my back. If I haven’t buy a mattress, then maybe my pain hasn’t been cured yet.

So it was 100 % recommended if you have any type of backpain you should purchase a mattress.

What should we look at before purchasing a mattress for back pain?

It is a good habit to look at the factors before purchasing any products not only mattresses.

There are lots of different varieties available in the market. But also buying a good product is not that easy.

So, you have to take into account all these features.

We are here to help you so that you can choose a good product. Below we discussed every factor.

Keep in mind how many of you were going to sleep over a mattress

Before purchasing a mattress, you have to keep in mind how many of you are going to sleep on the mattress.

Because, if you buy a small mattress for more people then it can be adjusting for you.

Also, think about kids and adults, for 1 adult or kid single mattress can be ideal, 1 adult and 1 kid double mattress is good, 2 adults queen size is ideal and for 2 adults and 1 kid king size can be the ideal one


So, firstly you have to look at the pricing of the product. There are lots of range of varieties available in the market but don’t try to go for a refrigerator with comfortable looks however also available at cheaper pricing.

It is a long-time investment, if you buy an expensive one then it will provide you with better quality then cheaper.

So, try to purchase a good mattress rather than purchasing a cheaper one.

Selecting the mattress type 

As we were talking about Best Mattress for Back Pain in India 2021 then nothing could be better than an orthopaedic mattress.

Because orthopaedic mattresses were specially designed to support back, joints and sometimes the whole body.

Motion isolation feature

If you sleep with your partner and he/she change his/her position a lot then go for a mattress contains motion isolation feature.

This feature will make you not feel the movement of your partner.

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Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattress

Pros of Memory foam Mattress

Good variety
Widely available
Conforming ability
Motion isolation to reduce disturbance
Several models at affordable price
No noise in between

Cons of Memory foam Mattress

Off-gassing possible
Heat retention possible
No bounce
Questionable edge support
Below-average ease of body movement


Conclusion - Mattress for Backpain

In this article we have discussed about a case study that we have analyzed How our team member Rajesh get relief from back pain with the help of mattress only in just 60 days.

In the end, we come over a consequence that a mattress will be really very helpful for treating every type of back pain.

Therefore, it is necessary to use a good mattress otherwise it can grow also.

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